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Subject: Pre-announcement -- Winter UNICOM 1983
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                          Winter UNICOM 1983


UNICOM is the conference and exhibition of the  _U_N_I_X*  community  spon-
sored  jointly  by /_u_s_r/_g_r_o_u_p, the _U_S_E_N_I_X _A_s_s_o_c_i_a_t_i_o_n, and the _S_o_f_t_w_a_r_e
_T_o_o_l_s _U_s_e_r_s _G_r_o_u_p.

Place:              Town and Country Hotel
                    San Diego, California

Dates:              Tuesday through Friday, January 25-28, 1983

Vendor Exhibition:  Tuesday through Thursday

/_u_s_r/_g_r_o_u_p is a non-profit corporation formed by  and  for  people  who
have  a commercial interest in _U_N_I_X and _U_N_I_X-like operating systems and
associated software tools.  Key /_u_s_r/_g_r_o_u_p activities include  sponsor-
ing  twice-yearly  conferences  where, in addition to meeting contacts,
attendees have the opportunity to learn  about  software  and  hardware
products  being offered in the _U_N_I_X-related marketplace.  Also provided
are products catalogs and a bi-monthly newsletter.

The _U_S_E_N_I_X _A_s_s_o_c_i_a_t_i_o_n is an organization providing a forum for the ex-
change  of  technical  information about the _U_N_I_X system and associated
hardware and software.  Such services are provided through  semi-annual
conferences, bi-monthly newsletters and software exchange.

The _S_o_f_t_w_a_r_e _T_o_o_l_s _U_s_e_r_s _G_r_o_u_p is focused on  a  set  of  license-free,
_U_N_I_X-like  utilities  and  system  calls, written in Ratfor and Pascal.
When run in conjunction with almost any  local  operating  system,  the
Tools  package presents a virtual operating system interface consisting
of a virtual machine (system calls or "primitives"), utility  programs,
and  a  command language, thus achieving inter-system uniformity over a
variety of operating systems.  Originating from Kernighan and Plauger's
book  _S_o_f_t_w_a_r_e  _T_o_o_l_s,  the  enhanced package now includes programs for
text formatting, mail systems, enhanced Ratfor preprocessors, a  source
code  control  system,  command  line  interpreter  similar to the _U_N_I_X
Shell, and many other utilities.


If you wish to receive the pre-registration packet (and did not  get  a
copy of this announcement by mail) send your name and address to:

               P O Box 385
               Sunset Beach, CA  90742

Local Arrangements Coordinator is
               Judith DesHarnais
* _U_N_I_X is a trademark of Bell Laboratories.

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