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Date: Thu Oct  1 17:12:53 1981
Subject: Official USENIX Conference Announcement

>From obrien@RAND-UNIX Thu Oct  1 17:06:52 1981
	It's been suggested that the Announcement and Call for Papers be
circulated to this mailing list, which seems reasonable.




     The 1982 Winter USENIX Meetings will be held in Santa Monica, California,
     January 26 through January 29, at the Miramar Sheraton Hotel.  This
     announcement provides early information about the dates of events, as
     well as persons to contact for further information.  A Pre-registration
     Packet will be mailed before Thanksgiving.  It will include both
     registration and hotel information and forms.

     ...USENIX TECHNICAL SESSIONS - January 27-29, 1982

	Session topics include Conversion, Networks, Graphics, Applications,
	Languages, Hardware, Word Processing, etc.  A session is planned for
	vendor presentations.  Copies of the Call for Papers may be obtained
	from the USENIX Association at the address given below.


	The emphasis at this meeting will be standardization and consolidation
	of all the various implementations into a compatible system.

     ...UNIX* TUTORIALS -- January 26, 1982

	Two all day tutorials will be offered:

	1) OVERVIEW OF UNIX, intended for programmers with prior UNIX

	   staff users of UNIX.

	For further information, please contact:

		John L. Donnelly
		P.O. Box 3000
		Boulder, Colorado  80307

		(303) 494-5151

     ...VENDOR EXHIBITION - January 26 (afternoon) - January 29, 1982

	An exhibit by vendors will be held at the Miramar.

	Vendors wishing to exhibit should contact:

		Mr. Harry Kerman, President
		Conventions West, Inc.
		9301 Wilshire Boulevard
		Beverly Hills, California  90210

		(213) 278-2326

	[ If you did not receive this Announcement directly and wish to be
	 on the mailing list for receipt of the Pre-registration Packet,
	 please contact:

		USENIX Association
		Box 8
		Rockefeller University
		1230 York Avenue
		New York, New York  10021

		(212) 360-1039
		Note:  The above number will be changed shortly after
		       10/30/81 to (212) 570-8934 ]

*UNIX is a trademark of Bell Laboratories

			  1982 Winter USENIX Conference

				 Call for Papers

	The 1982 Winter USENIX Conference will be held in Santa Monica,
	California, January 27 through January 29, at the Miramar Sheraton
	Hotel.  Abstracts are now being accepted from individuals wishing
	to make presentations at the conference.  Potential speakers must
	submit a 250-word abstract to Mike O'Brien (address below) by
	October 29, 1981.  Abstracts may be sent by any available means;
	electronic mail is preferred.

	It is planned that one session be available for vendor presentations.
	Presentations at this session should consist of factual descriptions
	of currently available products.  More technical presentations should
	be reserved for the other, more technical sessions, at which vendors
	are also welcome.

	Possible session topics include:

	VAX              Further developments, 750 experiences, system

	V7               Rumor is that it's slow. Why?  Tuning, extensions,
			 and major and minor customization efforts.

	V6               Is there a case for retaining it?  Do some people
			 prefer it?

	CONVERSION       How to ease the pain of version conversion.

	NETWORKS         Local nets and long-haul nets.  Distributed systems.
			 UUCP installation and modifications.  Building the
			 USENET.  Gateways.  RJE.

	GRAPHICS         Core standards.  Necessary system extensions.
			 Exchange of available packages.

	APPLICATIONS     Mail systems, editors, database systems, games, etc.

	LANGUAGES        New language systems and debussers.  Changes, fixes,
			 and extensions to C.

	HARDWARE         Portability to new processors.  News and rumors about
			 new processors.

	WORD PROCESSING  Newer and better tools and applications package.

	Abstracts must contain the following information:

		Full name of author
		Installation name and U.S. mailing address
		Electronic address, if available (Arpanet, or UUCP net
		  relative to a "well-known" host such as ucbvax or decvax)
		Telephone number and hours available
		Audio-visual requirements

	Authors will be notified of accepted presentations in advance of the
	conference.  Talks already presented at previous conferences are
	discouraged unless the previous conference was one not likely to
	attract the USENIX community, or unless SIGNIFICANT new developments
	are described.

	Abstracts should be mailed to:

		Michael T. O'Brien
		The Rand Corporation
		1700 Main Street
		Santa Monica, CA  90406

		obrien@rand-unix       (Arpanet)
		decvax!randvax!obrien  (UUCP)

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