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Subject: CFP: Workshop on Distributed & Multiprocessor Systems
Keywords: experiences, OS, software engineering, distributed, multiprocessor
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		   Call for Participation

	   Workshop on Experiences with Building
	  Distributed (and Multiprocessor) Systems

	    Sponsored by: The Usenix Association

		    In association with:
The NSF/Purdue/Florida Software Engineering Research Center

		    In cooperation with:
	      ACM SIGOPS and SIGSOFT (pending)
IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (pending)

October 5-6, 1989					  Ft. Lauderdale, FL


The goal of this workshop is to bring together individuals who have
built, are building, or will soon build distributed and multiprocessor
systems, especially operating systems.	The workshop will feature full
presentations, panels, work-in-progress presentations, and possibly
tutorials on aspects of building and testing these systems.  The
workshop will provide a forum for individuals to exchange information
on their experiences, both good and bad, in designing, building, and
testing their systems.	This includes experiences with coding aids,
languages, distributed debugging tools, prototyping, reuse of existing
software, performance analysis, and lessons learned from use of such


*Ten* copies of each submission should be mailed to the program
committee chair (address below) no later than 1 June 1989.
Submissions are invited on any topics related to the topics of the
workshop and may be as papers or as extended abstracts, although the
program committee will give preferential consideration to full papers.
Furthermore, the committee will give preferential consideration to
submissions describing experiences with actual systems--papers
describing theoretical work or simulations will be considered last.

Panels and Tutorials

Suggestions for panel sessions and tutorials, including recommended
participants, should be mailed to the program chair no later than 1
May 1989.  Such submissions should include a description of the
relevance to the goals of the workshop, and the qualifications of the
participants suggested.

Important Dates

	       Panel & Tutorial proposals    1 May 1989
	       Paper submissions	     1 June 1989
	       Program Committee decisions   14 July 1989
	       Camera ready copy due	     1 August 1989
	       Workshop			     5-6 October 1989

For Further Information, Contact

     General Chair		  Program Chair
     __________________________	  ____________________________________
     George Leach		  Gene Spafford
     Paradyne Corporation	  Software Engineering Research Center
     MS LG-129			  Dept. of Computer Sciences
     PO Box 2826		  Purdue University
     Largo, FL 34649-2826	  W. Lafayette, IN 47907-2004

     (813) 530-2376		  (317) 494-7825

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