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Subject: Pyramid 9810 and 9820 Superminicomputer Systems
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Pyramid Technology is proud to announce their newest UNIX(R) super-minicomputer
systems, the single-processor Pyramid 9810 and symetric dual-processor Pyramid
9820.  Features include:

- Second generation 100ns Commerical-RISC CPU, with 16 KByte I-Cache, 64 KByte
  D-Cache, 528 32-bit registers.  Binary compatible with 90x and 98x systems,
  with more than twice the throughput per CPU.
- Arithmetic Accelerator Unit (AAU) with IEEE floating-point, one per CPU.
- 40 MByte/second system bus, with bit-slice peripheral controllers.
- Maximum 128 MByte ECC main memory, in 4MB or 16MB increments.
- Up to 15 GByte disk, with a full virtual disk facility.
- Up to 256 serial ports, with full modem control and speeds to 19.2K bps.
- dualPort OSx operating system, AT&T System VR2 and Berkeley 4.2BSD.
- Languages include optimizing C, FORTRAN, Pascal, and COBOL, interpretive
  Franz Lisp, and V Mark's uni-Verse Pick system.
- Communications facilities include TCP/UCP/IP, NFS and PC-NFS, Ethernet, RJE-
  HASP, X.25 certified for Telenet and DDN up to 56K bps, Britton Lee IDM, AT&T
  DMD5620, and HYPERchannel.

Prices start at $135K; standard packaged systems including peripherals start at
$200K. One year warranty on base system; worldwide field service is available.
      -m-------  Pyramid Technology Corporation
    ---mmm-----  1295 Charleston Road
  -----mmmmm---  P.O. Box 7295, Mountain View, CA 94039
-------mmmmmmm-  +1 415 965 7200

UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.
dualPort and OSx are trademarks of Pyramid Technology Corp.
HYPERchannel is a trademark of Network Systems Corporation.
Ethernet is a trademark of The Xerox Corporation.
Pick is a trademark of Pick Systems Inc.
uni-Verse is a trademark of V Mark Computer Inc.
NFS was originally developed by and is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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