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Subject: new site joins Usenet
Message-ID: <13@pyrla.UUCP>
Date: Fri, 16-May-86 20:06:41 EDT
Article-I.D.: pyrla.13
Posted: Fri May 16 20:06:41 1986
Date-Received: Sat, 24-May-86 00:56:00 EDT
Organization: Pyramid Technology Corporation
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This message describes information about our site (pyrla) which
just joined Usenet. I don't know if there is some "official" way
to announce such things, or some special format to use, so I'll
just send an informal letter like this one.

Our offical sitename is pyrla.
Our site contact representative is Stuart Cracraft (213) 538-9712,
 (his network address is trwrb!pyrla!cracraft).
Our physical location is Gardena, California (e.g. near Los Angeles).
Our company name and address is:
    Pyramid Technology Corporation
    1225 West 190th Street
    Suite 240
    Gardena, Ca. 90248
    (213) 538-9712
Our Usenet neighbor (e.g. the site that feeds us the
   Usenet data) is trwrb.
We are willing to feed Usenet to other sites but will be
   limiting the number to just a few. There is simply
   too much data to be generous here.
Our system configuration is a Pyramid 98x dual-processor
   (real dual-processor as opposed to the master-slave
    implementations that exist in the industry) with
    16 megabytes of main memory, 1.2 gigabytes of disk storage,
    a Ricoh Oasys Laserprinter, etc.

That's about it.

    Stuart Cracraft (trwrb!pyrla!cracraft)
    Pyramid Technology Corporation

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