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From: Alan Cox <>
Subject: Linux 2.4.8-ac12
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Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 16:13:19 GMT
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		 Intermediate diffs are available from

o	Merge the majority of 2.4.9 except
	- min/max mess
	- fat/isofs changes
	- drm changes (some collisions with other
	- vm/buffer handling changes
	- emu10k1
	- vfs directory type changes
	- nfs/nfsd/sunrpc
	I'm trying to make sure I can keep this testable
	as 2.4.9 vanilla isnt being stable on my test sets 
	This is basically a merge of all the "boring" bits.

o	Update usb network fixes			(Herbert Xu)
o	HID id matching fix				(Pete Zaitcev)
o	ARM i/o fixes					(Russell King)
o	ARM alignment trap fixes			(Russell King)
o	ARM softirq fix					(Russell King)
o	Miscellaneous arm updates			(Russell King)
o updates			(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz,
							 Steven Cole)
o	lock_kiovec page unwind fix			(Velizar B)
o	do_swap_page recheck pte before failing		(Linus, Jeremy Linton)
o	do_swap_page doesn't mkwrite when deleting	(Linus)
	| From 2.4.9 with extra comments etc		(Hugh Dickins)
o	Prefetchw macro fix				(Andreas Franck)
o	Kill another bogus wbinvd macro in ACPI		(Dave Jones)
o	Switch PnPBIOS to spinlocks and irq off		(me)
o	Large PPC merge					(Paul Mackerras)
o	Remove surplus macintosh rtc printks		(Paul Mackerras)
o	Add modem power features to the mac serial 	(Paul Mackerras)
o	Powerbook trackpad lockup fix			(Paul Mackerras)
o	Adb updates					(Paul Mackerras)
o	Fix serial port base offsets			(Paul Mackerras)
o	PPC sysctl code to use PPC32 not __powerpc__	(Paul Mackerras)
	| The latter is both 32 and 64 bit...
o	PowerMac pmu updates				(Paul Mackerras)
o	S/390 3270 driver update			(Richard Hitt)
o	MIPS docs update				(Ralf Baechle)
o	Update mips maintainers entry			(Ralf Baechle)
o	Update mips			(Ralf Baechle)
o	Add some mips pci ids				(Ralf Baechle)
o	DECstation turbochannel update			(Maciej W. Rozycki,
							 Ralf Baechle)
o	MIPS64 update					(Ralf Baechle)

o	Remove bogus wbinvd macro in ACPI		(Dave Jones)
o	Fix highmem high page races			(Ben LaHaise)
o	SCSI generic driver updates			(Doug Gilbert)
o	Remove unneeded fusion init call		(Adam J Richter)
o	Fix init/const clashes in pci			(Dave Jones)
o	Merge newer qlogic fc firmware set		(Ricky Beam)
o	Add NEC DV5800A to the blacklist for DMA	(Matt Domsch)
o	Add passive ISDN over USB support		(Frode Isaksen,
							 Kai Germaschewski)
o	Fix aha1542 flags type				(Andi Kleen)
o	Macsonic kmalloc type fixes			(Dave Jones)
o	lock clear_page_tables versus kswapd		(Ben LaHaise)
o	Honour PnPBIOS region reservations		(Gerd Knorr)
o	Made them __init and fixed problems when the	(me)
	resource declaration spanned 0x100
o	Fix a rio serial type warning			(me)
o	Add another byteswapped Vaio BIOS		(Roger Luethi)
o	USB serial tidy ups				(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o	Fix dev->actconfig changing in probe in USB	(Michael Stickel)
	causing later errors

o	Fix the USB device timeout problem		(Pete Zaitcev)
o	rio usb locking fixes				(Oliver Neukum)
o	Fix vm86 v segment reload part 1		(Andi Kleen)
	| Still not all sorted yet
o	Airo driver update				(Javier Achirica)
o	Fix bugs in usb skeleton driver			(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o	Add support for USB clie serial devices		(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o	USB config fix for serial debug			(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o	Add support for massworks id75 usb		(Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o	Rationalise lvm version numbers			(A J Lewis)
o	LVM locking changes				(Joe Thornber)
o	Pull pv flush out of lvm ioctls			(Heinz Mauelshagen)
o	Switch to lv_v5_t structures/types in LVM		(Heinz Mauelshagen)
o	Defer LVM I/O when moving an extent		(Joe Thornber,
							 Andreas Dilger)
o	Fix bmap/blkszget issues in LVM			(Andreas Dilger)
o	Tidy naming/devfs registrations for LVM		(Patrick Caulfield)
o	Protect LVM snapshot flag removal, don't
	extend or reduce dropped snapshots, 
o	Handle ELF loader setup arg pages failures	(Evgeny Polyakov)
o	Add udelays to cmpci to see if it fixes		(me)
	the problems a few people have
o	Put config hooks in to make qlogicfc firmware	(me)
	optionally loadable for weird hardware
	| Needs a suitable firmware file adding ..
o	Update pci.ids for a couple of parisc things	(Helge Deller)
o	Irda warning fixes				(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Squash smp race in dsbr100 driver		(Oliver Neukum)
o	Console locking fix on VT_DISALLOCATE race	(Jani Jaakkola,
							 Andrew Morton)
o	ipv4 raw socket oops fix			(Octavian Cerna)
o	Actually use our msr register defines 		(Dave Jones)
o	Correct polish translation info typos		(Steven Cole)
o	mm compile warning fix				(Rik van Riel)
o	Updated 3ware driver				(Adam Radford)
o	Add Sharp PC-RJ/AX to bad apm list		(Arjan van de Ven)

o	Possible usb -110 error fix			(me)
o	Page laundering fix				(Rik van Riel)
o	Add another vaio to the byteswap list		(Martin Mueller)
o	Fix typos in ide blacklist			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	UMSDOS split directory entry handling		(Istvan Varadi)
o	Update further			(Steve Cole)
o	Fix bogus mtrr warning on dual pentiums		(Dave Jones)
o	Update scsi tape driver				(Kai Mäkisara)
o	Change memory probe constants on AWE32/64	(Dave Fennell)
o	Tiny endian reiserfs fix (just cosmetic)	(Jeff Mahoney)
o	Make the md resync delay message informative	(Corin Hartland-Swann)
	rather than scary
o	USB printer fixes				(Oliver Neukum)
o	Add the SIS735 to the SiS AGP			(Adrian)
o	Kill bogus export_objs entry in lib/Makefile	(Keith Owens)
o	VIA rhine fixes					(David Woodhouse)
o	Next set of superblock changes			(Al Viro)
o	Don't reissue a pid that has a tgid matching	(Dave McCracken)
	it still in circulation

o	Fix double mount hang on scsi cdrom, i2o or lvm	(Al Viro)
o	Fix oops in msdos/umsdos			(OGAWA Hirofumi)
o	Fix qnxfs hang					(Serguei Tzukanov)
o	Add missing Alpha ksyms				(Marc Zyngier)
o	USB oops fixes					(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Apply same fix to kaweth			(me)
o	Fix off by one in pcigart			(Andreas Schwab)
o	Fix dasd leak					(Al Viro)
o	page reactivate correction			(Rik van Riel)
o	Add the 104K to the byteswapped minutes bug	(Daniel Caujolle-Bert)
o	Missing USB config items			(Mike Castle)
o	Fix i2o systab send id order			(Klaus Beyer)
o	VMA merging fixups				(Ben LaHaise)
o	Update ntfs 					(Anton Altaparmakov)
o	Speed up ext2 readdir/stat			(Ted Tso)
o	Comment/docbook fixups				(Dave Jones)
o	Add missing netif_wake_queue calls to USB	(Herbert Xu)
	network drivers
o	Fix cramfs to use kmap				(Herbert Xu)
o	Fix NFS client atomic_dec_and_lock symbol	(Trond Myklebust)
o	Make wake_up_interrutible_sync usable in 	(Jeremy Elson)
o	Update PPC for kbd_rate support			(Paul Mackerras)
o	Next block of tidying	(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Next block of superblock cleanup		(Al Viro)
o	Update hp scanner driver for USB		(Oliver Neukum)
o	Clean up ibm partition code			(Al Viro)

o	Further small DRI/AGP updates			(Jeff Hartmann)
o	Update master makefile to force offset.h/	(Andi Kleen)
	version.h/depend order (needed for x86-64)
o	Merge x86-64 architecture port code		(Andi Kleen and co)
o	Merge ixj update				(Craig Southern)
o	Further ixj cleanup/merge tweaks		(me)
	| Ie don't blame him ;)
o	Grand config file cleanup		     (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz,
							Steven Cole)
o	Add another byteswap vaio			(Ray Lee)
o	Correct partition check oops fix		(Kevin Flemming)
o	via82cxx IDE DMA updates		 	(Vojtech Pavlik)
	| Enable 8231/8233 support, handle slightly
	| out of spec PCI from 1.3GHz/12.5x Athlon
o	Rip min/max use entirely out of isdn		(Kai Germaschewski)
	| To handle 2.4.9 compat disaster
o	Update K6 bug url				(André Dahlqvist)
o	Possible fix for trix ad1848 fail		(me)
o	Add pci quirk warning for AMD766 errata 22	(me)
	| Based on multiple "yes noapic fixed my
	| dual athlon" reports.

o	Pull Linus buffer.c/mem fixes into 2.4.8-ac	(Rik van Riel)
o	Make writeout smoother on zone specific		(Marcelo Tosatti)
o	Fix an md oops					(Neil Brown)
o	AD1848 isapnp handling				(Miguel Freitas)
o	sr_ioctl capacity reporting fix			(Jens Axboe)
o	Starfire update					(Ion Badulescu)
o	cmpci update					(Carlos Gorges)
o	UDF update, fix delete BUG() trap		(Ben Fennema)
o	Move nmi defines so asm/irq.h isnt required	(Russell King)
o	Add experimental requirement to intermezzo   (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Fix missing include 				(Tom Rini)
o	Small eepro100 test updates			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Reiserfs transaction tracking update		(Chris Mason)
	| Speeds up O_SYNC and fsync
o	Update vfs_permission, handle root exec		(Christoph Hellwig)
o	First piece of the CyberPro 5050 audio merge	(Peter Wächtler)
o	Tidy i810_audio cornercases of OSS compliance	(Laurent Pinchart)
o	IDE cdrom blacklist updates for DMA		(Matt Domsch)
o	Merge some i810 updates 			(Doug Ledford)
o	Fix bug in i810 device removal 			(me)
	| fortunately nobody yet has multiple ICH audio in one box 8)
o	Natsemi gige driver				(Ben LaHaise)
o	Allow more I/O addresses on msnd_pinnacle	(Steve Sycamore)
o	Correct sys_tz definition			(Andi Kleen)
o	Remove unused prototypes from md		(Andi Kleen)
o	Fix flags wrong types in usb			(Andi Kleen)
o	Fix assorted wrong flags, add x86_64 defines	(Andi Kleen)
o	Fix flags types in i2o				(Jes Sorensen)
o	Add another vaio byteswap case			(Stelian Pop)
o	Add devfs support to usb scanner		(Yves Duret)
o	Fix an ess solo warning				(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Fix flags types in 3ware driver			(Jes Sorensen)
o	Fix generic serial warnings			(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Fix flag types in firewire drivers		(Jes Sorensen)
o	Fix flag types in dz serial			(Jes Sorensen)
o	Extend short name handling in fat based fs's	(OGAWA Hirofumi)
o	Fix flag types in n_r3964			(Jes Sorensen)
o	x86_64 ifdef hooks for raid and fbcon		(Andi Kleen)

o	Next batch of IDE driver updates		(Andre Hedrick)
	| qd6580 driver becomes a qd65xx driver
	| 80pin cable detect for serverworks on Dell
	| Mode5 on SIS chipsets
o	Handle ARM mmap were FIRST_USER_PGD_NR is not	(Russell King)
o	Make the sl82c105.c code common between ARM	(Paul Mackerras)
	and PPC
o	Update cisco hdlc handling in the isdn layer	(Bjoern Zeeb)
o	Add called party number to isdn tty emulation	(Jan Oberlaender,
							 Kai Germaschewski)
o	Eicon warning fix				(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Tiny agp cleanup in severworks code		(Mike Harris)
o	Switch to 2.4.8 nr_free_buffer_pages		(Rik van Riel)
o	Change bootmem bitmap setup			(Rik van Riel)
o	Unlazy the queue movement when we touch
	inactive cache pages (VM balance assumed this)	(Rik van Riel)
o	Update the orinoco drivers			(David Gibson)
o	Update natsemi driver (experimentally anyway)	(Tim Hockin)
o	Update hpt366 blacklists			(Kevin Fleming)
o	Reclaim buffer cache into inactive list when	(Rik van Riel)
	it is too large
o	Documentation tidy ups				(Steven Cole)
o	Switch map_user_kiobuf to use down_read		(Ben LaHaise)

o	ADFS date/time computation fix			(Russell King)
o	Add ALS120 ident to ns558 joystick		(Filip Van Raemdonck)
o	Make Reiserfs endian and alignment safe		(Jeff Mahoney)
	| Fixes IA64 indirect alignment, S390 alignment
	| Big endian
	| Update inode generator
o	Enable input drivers on ARM			(Russell K
o	Add intermezzo file system kernel side		(Peter Braam and co)
o	First blocks of ppc64 merge	(Paul Mackerras, Anton Blanchard,
					 Tom Gall and the IBM PPC 64 team)
o	Fix return value bug in mac nvram driver	
o	Make oom killer kill all threads of a set	(Eric Lammerts)

o	Update ISDN cvs idents				(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Update isdn experimental idents			(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Add Compaq Phoenix 4.06 to irqsafe APM		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Remove rockridge printk generating too much	(Mikael Pettersson)
	debug output
o	Add a needed include of delay.h			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Revert access DAC change 			(me)
	| Breaks in some cases
o	ARM documentation, credits, maintainer updates	(Russell King)
o	Atyfb build fixups				(Stelian Pop)
o merges				(Steven Cole)
o	Initial merge of dpt_i2o.c		(Deanna Bonds, Bob Pasteur, 
						 Karen White, Mark Salyzyn)
o	Teach i2o_core to skip dpt cards		(me)
o	Sony Pi driver update				(Stelian Pop)

o	Fix suspend/resume bugs in eepro100		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix missing spec required delays in PCI PM	(me)
o	Disable PM on eepro100, it breaks even with	(me)
	those fixed
o	Resynchronize			(Steven Cole)
o	Further superblock handling updates		(Al Viro)
o	Fix various GPL misreferences		(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Updated A20 gate switching code to handle	(Peter Anvin)
	odd (Olivetti etc) and no legacy boxes
o	Fix expand_stack race				(Manfred Spraul)
o	Fix a malloc failure path in ipc		(Manfred Spraul)
o	Revert 2.4.8 scsi_lib change (hangs ide-scsi	(Arjan van de Ven)
	on some drives)
o	Fix binfmt elf strlen->strnlen_user		(me)
o	Add additional checking to binfmt_elf		(me)
	| Last two based on Solar Designers 2.2 work
o	Make pnp_bios dock thread exit when it finds 	(me)
	docking isnt supported
o	Ext3 file system updates			(Andrew Morton,
							 Stephen Tweedie)
o	Merge common components of uhci drivers		(Brad Hards)
o	Remove crud from media Makefile			(Keith Owens)
o	Fix build on Alpha				(David Gilbert)
o	DRM warning/oops fix				(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix i810 audio return funny			(Laurent Pinchart)
o	Fix ldm partition checking			(Richard Russon)
o	Agpgart typo fix				(Mike Harris)
o	Revert emu10k changes in 2.4.8, wait until the	(me)
	maintainers actually have debugged code and
	want an update
o	Fix a compile fail case for the 53c700 driver (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz=
o	ARM core and video updates			(Russell King)

o	Merge Linus 2.4.8
	- Skip VM changes for now
o	Fix sblive build problems			(Rui Sousa)
o	Add Fernando Fuganti to credits			(Fernando Fuganti)
O	Revert printk return change			(Andrew Morton)
o	Add drm-4.0 to mod_subdirs			(Brian Dushaw)
o	Bluez bluetooth updates				(Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
o	Fix serverworks AGP memory leak			(Hugh Dickins)
o	Update DRM 4.1 for Alpha AGPGart support	(Jay Estabrook,
							 Jeff Hartmann)
o	Fix depca crash on unload			(Peter Denison)

o	Fix dumb bug in the bootflag handling code	(Randy Dunlap)
o	Compaq FC update (makefile clean too)		(Charles White)
o	Add Matt Domsch to the credits			(Matt Domsch)
o	Update Randy Dunlap's contact info		(Randy Dunlap)
o	SA1100 updates					(Russell King)
o	Add PnP support to sf16i			(Ladislav Michl)
o	Acorn drivers update				(Russell King)
o	Fix clashing 'cams' symbol			(Keith Owens)
o	Fix AGP memory leak on serverworks		(Jeff Hartmann)
o	Fix an off by one in shmem.c			(Hugh Dickins)
o	Revert incorrect ATM change			(Mike Westall)
o	DRM makefile fixes				(Keith Owens)
o	Next batch of superblock work			(Al Viro)
o	Fix in2k oopses					(Francois Romieu)
o	Add reboot by SMP reset				(Matt Domsch)
o	Add pm support for laptops that resume the	(Matt Domsch)
	mouse port even if was disabled before..
o	Add DMI quirks for all modern dell systems	(Matt Domsch)
o	Inspiron 4000 needs irqs on for APM		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	YMFPCI fixes, big endian fixes			(Pete Zaitcev)
o	Add winbond W83971D ac_97 codec to tables	(Andrey Panin)
o	pcnet32 oops fix and leak fix			(Paul Gortmaker)
o	Use static inline in sound drivers		(me)
o	Fix DRM build/makefile bugs from merge	(Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Avoid lp module being pinned down if console	(Tim Waugh)

o	Fix up USB merge mess				(Pete Zaitcev)
	| Fixes a possible USB deadlock
o	IRDA update					(Dag Brattli)
o	Merge DRM for XFree 4.1.x			(XFree86 and others)
o	Update freevxfs idents				(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Fix a bug in access() checks on X_OK with	(Christoph Hellwig)
	DAC ovveride
o	Add another intel bios ident with bad $PIR	(Arjan van de Ven)

o	Print warnings about buggy 440GX $PIR tables	(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Update ARM softirq code				(Russell King)
o	Compaq FC controller update			(Charles White)
o	Update ARM integrator platform			(Russell King)
o	Miscellaneous ARM fixes				(Russell King)
o	ARM io function updates				(Russell King)
o	Remove duplicate items		(Steven Cole)
o	Update ARM shark platform			(Russell King)
o	ARM anakin platform				(Russell King)
o	Allow swap < 2*ram				(Rik van Riel)
o	Set page format bit for scsi-2 tape		(Kai Makisara)
o	Fix compile with shmfs disabled			(Christoph Rohland)
o	RME Hamerfall audio driver			(Guenter Geiger)
o	Further UML fixes				(Jeff Dike)
o	Syncppp fix					(Bob Dunlop)
o	Farsync update					(Bob Dunlop)
o	UML network driver update			(Jeff Dike)
o	Revert aic7xxx makefile changes			(Keith Owens)
o	DaveJ has received enough Rise cpu reports	(Dave Jones)
o	Clean up building without procfs	    (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o	Riscom compile fix			    (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)

o	Kill accidental bit of S/390 merge I meant	(Bill Nottingham)
	to skip (hotplug should be working again now)
o	Fix host_info_lock namespace on ieee1394	(Keith Owens)
o	Fix duplicate rio serial init			(Keith Owens)
o	Fix dead init_zoran_cards symbol		(Keith Owens)
o	Don't define EXPORT_SYMTAB in cmpci		(Keith Owens)
o	Don't define EXPORT_SYMTABL in sisfb		(Keith Owens)
o	Fix warnings in ess_solo1 			(me)
o	Fix deadlock in moxa mxser driver		(Christophe Barbé)
o	First of many needed devfs race fixes		(Al Viro)
o	Windows 2000 vfat name mapping fix		(Wolfram Pienkoss)
o	Clean up ubd, CONFIG_IOMEM->CONFIG_MAPPER	(Jeff Dike)
o	Fix a UML crash, make uml devices pluggable	(Jeff Dike)
o	Use page cache in hostfs, fix UML stat64 bits	(Jeff Dike)
o	Complete UML ppc support merge			(Chris Emerson)
o	Complete UML			(Bill Stearns)
o	Add rep nop so the poor old Pentium IV doesnt
	go thermal slowdown every long mdelay		(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix various invalid Config script items		(Christoph Hellwig)
o	SYS5fs BSD style symlink support (SCO etc)	(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Fix PnPBIOS reporting on io v mem		(Andrey Panin)
o	Fix atyfb compilation problems with vaio bits	(Keith Owens)
o	Make HP support in AMI Megaraid run time 	(Michael Johnson)
o	Fix an ext3 buffer credit accounting bug	(Andrew Morton)
o	Add hardware volume control support to ALi	(Matt Wu)
o	Clean up the above a little for non ALi, fix	(me)
	rmmod crash
o	Adaptec scsi update (6.2.1)			(Justin Gibbs)
	| + gcc 3.0 fixes
o	Handle broken PIV SMP tables			(Maciej Rozycki)
o	Switch to static inline on ARM subtree		(Russell King)
o	SHMfs updates, race fix				(Christoph Rohland)

o	Import safer bits of 2.4.8pre
	- skipped vm hackery, buffer hacks
	- skipped S/390 (my tree should be newer anyway)
o	Fix duplicates in ldm.h				(Matthew Gardiner)
o	ARM updates					(Russell King)
o	Remove qlogicfc_asm (license clash question + we(Jes Sorensen, me)
	| are shipping qlogic release candidate not final
	| firmware.  Set card to use firmware in flash
o	Example iomem driver + fixes for UML		(Greg Lonnon)
o	Clean up unique UML machine id code		(Henrik Nordstrom)
o	Small UML bug fixes				(Jeff Dike)
o	Fix UML uaccess macro bug			(Jeff Dike)
o	Don't refuse unneccessarily on remount with	(Petr Vandrovec)
	data= option with ext3
o	tdfx driver cleanups				(Paul Mundt)
o	Replace masq crash fixes with corrected and	(Rusty Russell)
	"official" versions.
o	Fix umsdos symlink bug				(Delbert Matlock)
o	Switch JFFS to use completions			(me)
o	Fix wrong unlock in try_to_sync_unused_inodes	(Petr Vandrovec)
o	Update UML to compile again			(Jeff Dike)
o	Clean up all drivers with clashing names for	(me)
	complete, wait_for_completion
o	Some gcc 3.0 warning cleanups
o	Add SCO AFS awareness (read only) to sysv	(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Netfilter crash fixes				(Mark Boucher)
o	Second batch of superblock race/cleanup work	(Al Viro)

o	Resolve ext3 and superblock change incompat	(me, Al Viro)
	| Fixes hang on journal recovery
o	Fix freevxfs leak				(Andries Brouwer)
o	Add another eepro100 ident			(Matt Wilson)
o	Further tweakes to make rpm based on 
	suggestions by Keith Owens			(Keith Owens, me)
o	Fix ISA dma range check bug in cs89x0		(Paul)
o	Fix ISA dma range check on 3c505		(Paul)
o	Switch md driver to use completions		(Neil Brown)
o	Add more sanity checks to the dmi scanner	(me)
o	Fix hash sign assumptions in reiserfs		(Jeff Mahoney)
	| IMPORTANT: this makes things consistent, it also means
	| that if you have chars > 127 in file names _and_ you are
	| running unsigned char little endian default (probably a tiny tiny
	| number of mips users only) you will need to archive and recreate
	| those files. X86 users are _NOT_ affected.
o	Add the infrastructure for ac97_ops ready for	(me)
	digital audio etc

o	Fix inode cache shrinkage problems in 2.4.7	(Al Viro)
	| This should cure the problem where it gets 
	| really slow over time. Its not the final fix
o	Make aironet compile again			(Arjan van de Ven)
o	Fix an incredibly stupid i2o_scsi bug causing	(me)
	crashes with the adaptec 2100 and other stuff
o	Fix memory corruption if using gcc 3 and serial	(Thomas Hood)
	probing fails
o	Fix out of memory handling with raid		(Neil Brown)
o	Fix a raid mishandling bug on errors		(Neil Brown)
o	Add promise 20268 software raid card idents	(me)
o	Fix leaktek winview601 problems			(Leandro Lucarella)
o	Merge ntfs 1.1.16				(Anton Altaparmakov)
o	Avoid panic when reiserfs attempts to mount	(Nikita Danilov)
	invalid superblock
o	Error rather than panic on journal replay I/O	(Chris Mason)
	error in reiserfs
o	Update atp870u driver				(Wittman Lee)
o	First batch of superblock handling cleanup	(Al Viro)
o	Restore module oops dumping			(Kai Germaschewski)
o	NFSD update					(Neil Brown)
o	Fix ieee1394 sleep with spinlock held		(Andi Kleen)
o	Add AMD 760-MP to the Agp table			(me)
o	Rip out zillions of duplicated -ESPIPE		(Christoph Hellwig)
	llseek methods for a common one
o	Fix qlogic direction flag handling in 2.4	(Jeff Andre)
o	Clear inode->i-blocks on deletion in reisefs	(Nikita Danilov)
o	Merge rest of S/390 tty driver fixes		(Ulrich Weigand)
o	Finish adapting S/390 to new softirq code	(Ulrich Weigand)
o	Remove accidental duplicate block in Makefile	(Ulrich Weigand)
o	Update DASD drivers				(Ulrich Weigand)
o	Further pnpbios fixes				(Andrey Panin)
o	Switch pnp to use slab not malloc.h	(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o	Switch parport_cs to slab not malloc.h	(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o	Further config cleanups				(Steven Cole)
o	Fix make spec with no .version			(Keith Owens)
o	Further ipchains fixes				(Rusty Russell)
o	Add procfs info option for reiserfs stats	(Nikita Danilov)
o	Remove dead code from the reiserfs tree		(Jeff Mahoney)
o	Quota updates					(Jan Kara)
o	FreeVxFS leak fixes, allow block sizes != 1024	(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Improve serial_cs reporting			(Jonathan Corbet)
o	Add v7 fs sanity checks to the sys5 fs code	(Linus Torvalds,
				Christoph Hellwig, Al Viro, Andries Brouwer)

o	Add "make rpm" target				(me)
	| Remember to install not upgrade kernel rpms
	| as you will want to keep old ones around too
o	Fix FPU emulation breakage			(Brian Gerst)
o	Fix minix subpartition handling			(Andries Brouwer)
o	Add another odd vaio bios to the apm list	(Robert Dunlop)
o	Further updates			(Steven Cole)
o	Update usb configure and help texts		(Brad Hards)
o	Fix kmem read loop bug				(Hugh Dickins)
o	Two warning fixes				(Art Haas)
o	Fix missing icmp errors for udp			(Alexey Kuznetsov)
o	Fix 3c59x module load problem			(Hugh Dickins)
o	Update pwc driver				(Nemosoft Unv)
o	Remove old non kernel code from reiserfs tree	(Nikita Danilov)
o	Remove unneeded reiserfsck code from tree	(Nikita Danilov)
o	Replace checks in CONFIG_REISERFS_CHECK with	(Nikita Danilov)
	cleaner macros
o	Add const's correct formatting/typechecking	(Nikita Danilov)
o	Clean up do_reiserfs_warning macro		(Jeff Mahoney)
o	Add Randolph Chung to CREDITS			(Matthew Wilcox)
o	Merge some pa risc tree		(Matthew Wilcox)
o	Update the pa risc tree docs 			(Matthew Wilcox)
o	Add pa-risc keyboard drivers	(Debacker Xavier, Marteau Thomas,
					 Djoudi Malek, Philipp Rumpf, 
					 Alex deVries)
o	Update lasi ethernet drivers for pa-risc
o	Correct acenic check for parisc to hppa
o	HPPA port requires pci-setup
o	Add headers for som binary loader		(Matthew Wilcox)

o	Update motion eye driver, fix stack and hang	(Hugh Dickins)
o	Fix sigsuspend bug on Alpha			(Richard Henderson)
o	CRIS port updates				(Bjorn Wesen)
o	Add support for Win2K dynamic disk partitions	(Richard Russon,
							 Anton Altaparmakov)
o	ISDN multilink fix				(Karsten Keil)
o	HFC PCI support is now ITU approved		(Werner Cornelius)
o	Update sonypi driver				(Stelian Pop)
o	Fix sleep with irq disabled bug in act2000 	(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Farsync driver cleanups				(Bob Dunlop)
o	Remove surplus tty==NULL checks in isdn tty	(Rob Radez,
							 Kai Germaschewski)
o	Remove sleep with irq disabled in icn driver	(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Remove sleep with irq disabled bug in isdnloop	(Kai Germaschewski)
o	Remove bcopy and duplicate snprintf from eicon	(me)
o	Remove bzero from eicon driver, use skb_purge	(Armin Schindler)
o	Updated NinjaScsi driver			(YOKOTA Hiroshi)
o	Fix a jffs2 memory leak				(David Woodhouse)
o	Updated bttv driver. Corruption on close fixes	(Gerd Knorr)
o	Audio driver for bt878 tv chip onboard audio	(Gerd Knorr)
o	Correct nvram byte range limit			(Aaron Rendahl)
o	Include linux/smp_lock in shmem			(Clemens)
o	Add DMI/apm support for broken bioses reporting (Marc Boucher)
	battery life wrong endian
o	Fix dumb bug in the sbf code			(me)
o	Fix pnp shutdown oops				(me)

o	Alpha fixes and updates				(Jay Estabrook)
	- ioremap fixes for AGP on Alpha
	- pci_iommu support for AGP on Alpha
	- AGP arch support code for Alpha UP1x00
	- Fix instruction fault bug with old Jensen/UDB
o	Further alpha pci iommu cleanups/fixes		(Ivan Kokshaysky)
o	Fix DAC960 for completion change		(Jens Axboe)
o	Fix data corruption on ide tape while reading	(Pete Zaitcev)
	near EOF
o	Switch up_and_exit to complete_and_exit		(David Woodhouse)
o	Fix crash on scsi request alloc failure in sd	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Handle scsi register failure in ultrastor	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Clean up ioremap as u32 stuff in ibmtr		(me)
o	Fix max_sector cleanup in paride		(Andrea Arcangeli)
o	Bring IDE floppy up to date with maintainer	(Gunther Mayer)
o	Remove escaped junk from Makefiles		(Christoph Hellwig)
o	Fix cs46xx checks on ioctl calls		(Simon Horman)
o	Update cpqfc driver				(Charles White)
o	NTFS fixes			(Anton Altaparmakov, Rasmus Andersen)
o	Further FATfs updates				(OGAWA Hirofumi)
o	S/390 network driver updates			(Ulrich Weigand + )
o	Core S/390 changes to get it building again	(Martin Schwidefsky)
o	Fix S/390 tree asm blocks to compile with their	(       and
	newest gcc set
o	Update S/390 documentation			(other IBM folks)
o	Update S/390 tape driver			(       "	)
o	Update S/390 console driver			(	"	)
o	Don't do net hotplug during booting		(	"	)
o	Remove tools stuff from S/390 tree		(	"	)
o	Update S/390 irq/softirq handling		(	"	)
o	Add shared kerne support for S/390 VM		(	"	)
o	Update cpqarray driver				(Charles White)
o	Add missing barrier() calls in serial drivers	(me)
o	Fix menuconfig return code on small screen	(Herbert Xu)
o	Small UML fixups				(Jeff Dike)
o	Add COW support to UML block driver		(Jeff Dike)
o	USB network driver updates/fixes		(David Brownell)
o	PnP parsing bug fix				(Andrey Panin)
o	Fix UFS checking of NULL error cases		(Andreas Dilger)
o	Further shmem bits				(Christoph Rohland)
o	Update the mmap changes to handle OSF emulation	(Maciej Rozycki)
o	Fix failed register handling in g_NCR5380	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Correct errors in devices.txt examples		(Andreas Dilger)
o	Synclink driver update				(Paul Fulghum)
o	Fix scc region requests for latches		(Rob Turk)
o	Fix FB_ACTIVATE_NOW/VBL handling on aty128fb	(Andreas Hundt)
o	Correct CRTC_OFFSET_CNTL on aty128fb		(Andreas Hundt)
o	Add Devfs support to rio500			(Gregory Norris
							 Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o	3c59x driver updates				(Andrew Morton,
							 Donald Becker)
o	Fix ircomm handling with some mobile phones	(Andrea Arcangeli,
							 Dag Brattli)
o	Clean up resource handling in ibmtr driver	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Handle out of memory for device alloc in gdth	(Rasmus Andersen)
o	Fix mixer leak in sb driver			(Mike Galbraith)
o	Make printk use vsnprintf			(Andrew Morton)
o	Fix bug in atm_do_connect_dev (bogus EINVALs)	(Germán González)
o	Add Sony DSC-575 to unusual devices usb list	(Denis Benoit)
o	Add gemtek pci radio card driver		(Vladimir Shebordaev)

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