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Date: 2000/05/10
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 Tom Fox-Sellers
 SCO and Industry Leaders Establish Free Standards Group
 Group Drives Linux Standardization Effort to Support Next Generation of 
 Products and Services in the Linux Market
 SANTA CRUZ, CA (May 10, 2000) - The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) 
 announced today it has become a charter member of the Free Standards Group, 
 an assembly of industry-leading companies driving to establish the Linux 
 Standard Base (LSB).  SCO has been involved since late 1999 in an effort to 
 standardize Linux.
 LSB is designed to help the Linux market reach a new level of maturity and 
 give ISVs a single target port rather than multiple ports for multiple 
 platforms. Currently, there are minor variations among Linux distributions 
 that make it difficult for ISVs to support Linux. The ultimate goal of the 
 LSB is to provide a single, standard reference that will allow vendors to 
 reap the benefit of seeing greater ISV support for Linux.
 "The establishment of a single Linux standard will be incredible and will 
 help the Tarantella Division as it enters the Linux marketplace with 
 products like Tarantella Express," said Mike Orr, president of the 
 Tarantella Division at SCO. "LSB would also help SCO's Server Software 
 Division by increasing Linux compatibility with SCO operating platforms. 
 Finally, the SCO Professional Services Division would benefit by offering 
 consulting services for LSB compliant Linux distributions. In the grand 
 scheme of things, ISVs will reap huge benefits from a single Linux 
 standard, which will increase the total number of applications available 
 for LSB compliant Linux platforms. Overall, this will strengthen the power 
 of both UNIX and Linux on Intel and increase the value of all platforms to 
 the end user."
 Charter members of the Free Standards Group include IBM, LinuxCare, Sun, 
 Red Hat, VALinux, Caldera Systems, TurboLinux, SuSE and others. 
 Specifically, the LSB project consists of Linux developers, users and 
 companies who have a vested interest in the overall success of the Linux 
 market and share SCO's goal and vision of standards and interoperability.
 "With their history in the UNIX world, SCO brings their experience and 
 understanding of standardization issues to the Linux Standard Base," said 
 Daniel Quinlan, chairman of the Free Standards Group. "It's natural to see 
 them interested in Linux application compatibility and we're glad to have a 
 senior SCO engineer like Dave Prosser involved in the effort."
 About the Free Standards Group
 The Free Standards Group is a nonprofit corporation organized to accelerate 
 the use and acceptance of open source technologies through the application, 
 development and promotion of interoperability standards. It encompasses the 
 Linux Standard Base ( and the Linux Internationalization 
 Initiative (
 The Linux Standard Base was formed in 1998 to develop and promote a set of 
 standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions and 
 enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux system.
 The Linux Internationalization Initiative is focused on software and 
 application portability and interoperability in the International context.
 To learn more about the Free Standards Group, please visit the web site at
 About Linux and SCO Open Source
 Over the last year, SCO has expanded its strategic business opportunities 
 in the Linux and Open Source markets. SCO has announced an alliance and 
 investment in and a strategic business relationship with 
 TurboLinux. Most recently, SCO announced that it has taken an equity 
 position in Caldera Systems, Inc. Last year, SCO announced a comprehensive 
 set of Linux and Open Source-related professional services.
 As a corporate member of Linux International, SCO is a strong proponent of 
 the Open Source movement, citing it as a driving force for innovation and 
 business opportunities. SCO has contributed source code to the movement 
 with c-scope and fur, and currently offers a free Open License Software 
 Supplement (Skunkware) CD that includes many cutting-edge Open Source 
 See for more on SCO's Linux and Open Source activity.
 About SCO
 SCO (NASDAQ: SCOC) is a global leader in server-based software for 
 networked business computing. The market-leading UNIX server software from 
 SCO runs non-stop businesses worldwide. The SCO Tarantella family of 
 software products provides instant web access to applications running on 
 all leading servers, enabling businesses to access and manage information 
 anywhere, anytime.  SCO Professional Services help businesses plan, deploy 
 and maintain UNIX, Linux and Tarantella environments. Visit SCO on the web 
 Tom Fox-Sellers
 Public Relations Specialist, Linux & Open Source
 Tel: 831-427-7049

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