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Linux Products, Services, and Investments Become Pivotal Part of SCO's
Server-Based Network Computing Strategy

Linux World Expo, New York, NY (February 2, 2000) - Today at LinuxWorld
Expo SCO (NASDAQ:SCOC) unveiled its strategy for the Linux market. SCO also
announced its first commercial products for the Linux market - new versions
of its award-winning Tarantella web-enabling serverware for leading Linux
platforms. These new products are an important part of SCO's overall
strategy to provide server software and services that solution builders and
businesses need to integrate new technologies with their existing systems
and applications. 

"As the Internet plays an increasingly important role in global commerce,
businesses are moving rapidly to server-based computing," said Mike Orr,
SCO's senior vice president of worldwide marketing. "Today most businesses
have many different kinds of servers, each designed to perform particular
tasks or support certain applications. SCO is committed to helping IT
professionals better manage these diverse servers and to provide faster web
access to the applications running on them.  Businesses wishing to deploy
Linux servers are concerned about how to integrate them without disrupting
their current operations. SCO's new products and professional services for
Linux will help them do this.  We are also working with other companies, as
we did in the UNIX market, to establish and promote open Linux standards."

SCO Launches Linux Initiatives In All Three of Its Revenue Centers
SCO has launched Linux initiatives in all three of its current revenue
centers - SCO UNIX operating systems, professional services, and Tarantella
serverware.  For example, last year SCO announced Linux application
compatibility technology for its UnixWare 7 operating system, and will
demonstrate that technology today by running Sun's StarOffice applications
for Linux on UnixWare 7. In the professional services area, SCO has over
the past year announced initiatives with Linux vendors, including
TurboLinux and Caldera Systems. 

Today, SCO is making its web-enabling serverware, Tarantella, available for
deployment on Linux. With Tarantella, businesses can deploy UNIX, Linux,
mainframe and Windows NT applications in a thin-client mode without
modifying the applications or their server environment.

"These SCO initiatives are bringing Linux and UNIX systems closer together,
allowing excellent interoperation with Windows, supporting customer choice,
and integrating the multiple server platforms that comprise today's
business computing systems," said Orr. "In addition to Tarantella, which
will now run on a wide variety of UNIX and Linux platforms, we plan to
offer further innovative, cross-platform serverware in the future."

SCO, Linux, and the Open Source Movement
As a corporate sponsor of Linux International, SCO is a strong proponent of
the Open Source movement, citing it as a driving force for innovation and
business opportunities. SCO has contributed source code to the movement
with lxrun and OpenSAR, and currently offers a free Open License Software
Supplement CD that includes many Open Source technologies.

SCO has strategic alliances with, TurboLinux and Caldera and
has taken equity positions in all three companies.  During the last year
SCO introduced new Linux and Open Source-related professional services. SCO
is also a driving force in raising funds and awareness for the Linux
Standard Base (LSB).

About SCO
SCO is the world's number one provider of UNIX server operating systems,
and the leading provider of network computing software that enables clients
of all kinds - including PCs, character terminals, and NCs - to have Webtop
access to business-critical applications running on servers of all kinds.
SCO designed Tarantella software, the world's first application broker for
network computing. SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide
network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs. For more
information, see SCO's WWW home page at:
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Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. in the USA and other countries. UNIX is a
registered trademark of The Open Group in the US and other countries. All
other brand or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to
identify products or services of, their respective owners.
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