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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Caldera Ships Wabi 2.2 for Linux
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New Version Provides Solid, Low-Cost Solution for Running
Windows 3.1 Applications on Linux-based Workstations

PROVO, Utah   November 18, 1996

Caldera Inc. today shipped Wabi 2.2 for Linux. Caldera licensed and ported
Sunsoft's Wabi technology to enable end users to run the most popular
Windows 3.1 applications on Linux-based system software.  "Wabi 2.2 for
Linux underscores the Caldera OpenLinux product strategy by providing the
end user with the best of both worlds," said Bryan Sparks, President and
CEO of Caldera, Inc. "Customers can now create a powerful and economical
information system by combining the Linux-based Internet/networking
environment with Windows 3.1 desktop applications. Wabi on Caldera
OpenLinux increases office and telecommuter productivity by expanding
the network through high-speed connections to anywhere you need to be."
Wabi is supported on the Caldera Network Desktop as well as Caldera

Channel Partners

Channel Partners can utilize Caldera's Linux-based, open-source
environment to remotely manage Windows 3.1 applications at home, in
the office or on the road.  By using Caldera's OpenLinux (COL) and Wabi
solution, resellers can increase sales and service revenues by leveraging
the rapidly expanding telecommuter/home office market. Channel Partners
who create customized turn-key solutions based on environments like SCO
OpenServer 5 or Windows NT, can now use the COL/Wabi solution to increase
revenues by lowering overall cost and system requirements.  Pricing and
System Requirements Wabi 2.2 for Linux has a suggested retail price of
US$199. The product requires Linux on a 386 (or higher) Intel-based
processor, 16 MB RAM  (24 MB recommended), VGA-quality video and 10 MB
disk space.  Technical Support Caldera provides Wabi end users using CND
or COL products with up to five incidents of free installation support
for 30 days after the customer's initial support inquiry, encouraging
customers to utilize the free, service-rich support environment from
the company's WWW site.

Caldera uses its own technological and marketing resources to
leverage technologies including the Linux operating system created
by independent developers worldwide. Visit the Caldera web site at For orders and information call (800) 850-7779
in the US or (801) 269-7012 internationally.

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Desktop, Caldera Solutions CD and Caldera OpenDOS are trademarks of
Caldera  Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark, in the United States
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