From: (Jim Paradis)
Subject: Linux/Alpha installable kit now available!
Date: 1995/07/01
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organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Littleton MA
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Announcing - the first end-user-installable distribution of Linux/Alpha!

First, the location:

Now the details:

BLADE 0.1 (Basic Linux/Alpha Distribution Eyesore) is an installable
distribution of the Linux operating system for the Digital Alpha
microprocessor family.  Unlike previous distributions, no special
expertise is required to configure and install BLADE 0.1, and no
host system is required to load the software onto the hard drive.
BLADE 0.1 is completely self-supporting; all you need is a system
with an SRM console and BLADE 0.1, and you can build a fully functional
Linux/Alpha system.

Note that BLADE 0.1 is not intended to be a finished, polished
distribution.  It was assembled quickly in an attempt to provide
experimenters and end-users with the capability to install Linux/Alpha
on their systems without needing a host operating system or development
environment.  It is an interim distribution which is only intended to
be used until such time as the more professional distributions
(Slackware, Debian, Red Hat, etc) have been ported to Linux/Alpha.


This version of BLADE 0.1 supports the Digital AXPpci/33 (aka NoName)
motherboard.  Support for other platforms should appear shortly.

Following are the minimum hardware requirements:

	Digital AXPpci/33 motherboard with SRM console firmware
	8Mb or more main memory
	1.44Mb floppy drive
	100Mb or larger IDE or SCSI hard drive
	  (340Mb or larger suggested if you're going to do 
	   any kind of serious software development)
	VGA & monitor

Note that although Linux/Alpha supports IDE hard drives, the SRM
console cannot boot from them.  Therefore, if you do not have a
SCSI hard drive in your system, you will have to boot Linux/Alpha
from floppy.


BLADE 0.1 is based on a modified 1.2.8 Linux kernel; this kernel has
the Linus' Alpha patches as well as a few minor patches of our own.
The sources for this kernel are included in the BLADE 0.1 package.

BLADE 0.1 is supplied as a set of 1.44Mb floppy-disk images.  Except
for the boot floppy, all floppies are in ext2 file system format.  The
floppy images are grouped into subsets.  Following are the subsets
available in BLADE 0.1:

	noname_boot		This is the boot image for Linux/Alpha
				on AXPpci/33-based systems.

	root_floppy		This contains a minimal root filesystem
				which is used during the installation

	b1-b8			These disks contain the "base" system
				utilities and data files.  This subset
				is mandatory.  When installed, this subset
				occupies approximately 27 megabytes.

	d1-d6			These disks contain the software development
				tools: gcc, gas, ld, binutils, includes,
				and libraries.  Install this subset if you
				are going to be doing any software development
				under Linux/Alpha.  When installed, this subset
				occupies approximately 20 megabytes.

	e1-e6			These disks contain GNU emacs 19.28 and related
				files.  Install this subset if you want 
				GNU Emacs and you can spare the disk space.
				The "b" distribution includes the "vi" editor,
				and other editors should not be difficult to
				port.  When installed, this subset occupies 
				approximately 25 megabytes.

	k1-k3			These disks contain the kernel sources for
				the 1.2.8 kernel used in BLADE 0.1.  When
				installed, this subset occupies approximately
				12 megabytes.

Other subsets will be made available as I pull them together.

Jim Paradis (        "It's not procrastination, 
Digital Equipment Corporation		       it's my new Just-In-Time 
(508)952-4047				       Workload Management System!"

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From: (Jim Paradis)
Subject: BLADE 0.2 now available! (Linux for Alpha)
Date: 1995/08/09
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organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Littleton MA
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newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce

The second release of BLADE, the Basic Linux/Alpha Distribution (Environment?
Eyesore?  Expletive?)  is now available (or will be, within a few hours
of this message) at and its mirrors.

I have rearranged the BLADE directory structure a little bit to make
things easier to get at.  The goods can be found in the following

	/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/BLADE_0.1 - The original BLADE 0.1 distribution.
					 This is what is available on the
					 Yggdrasil Internet Archive CD-ROM

	/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/BLADE_0.2 - The newest release (see below for
					 list of added features)

	/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/BLADE_0.1-CD - This contains only what is
					needed to install BLADE from the
					Yggdrasil CD

	/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/BLADE_0.1-0.2 - This contains only those pieces
					that have changed between 0.1 and
					0.2 (for those who are already
					BLADE-runners 8-) )

Here is a summary of what has changed between 0.1 and 0.2.  More complete
notes and documentation can be found in the BLADE_0.2 directory.

        - MILO, the Linux/Alpha miniloader, is now provided and
        supported.  The miniloader is a console firmware replacement
        which allows for the installation of Linux on systems that
        do not support the SRM console firmware.  We hope that
        eventually MILO will become the preferred method of loading
        Linux/Alpha, and that the SRM will be used only in those
        cases where there is no MILO support.

        - TCP/IP networking is now supported, and BLADE V0.2 provides
        a number of networking utilities including: ftp, rcp, rsh,
        telnet, finger, rlogin, rsh, arp, ifconfig, netstat, ping,
        portmap, rarp, route, rpcinfo, and slattach.  Networking
        daemons provided are: fingerd, ftpd, rlogind, rshd, telnetd,
        inetd, and tcpd.

        - A number of newly ported utilities are also provided: getty,
        init, login, whereis, klogd, mkswap, shutdown, syslogd, zdump,
        zic, the SVGATextmode suite, and man.  man pages are not yet

     BLADE V0.2 is based on an updated version of the 1.2.8 kernel
     used in BLADE V0.1.  When BLADE V0.3 is released, it will use 
     the latest 1.3 kernel.

Jim Paradis (        "It's not procrastination, 
Digital Equipment Corporation		       it's my new Just-In-Time 
(508)952-4047				       Workload Management System!"

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