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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Guaranteed Support from Yggdrasil, $25 for 15 minute call
Date: 11 Jun 1995 04:10:41 -0500
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Summary: $25/15-minute call, money back guarantee, (408) 261-6630
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TABLE OF CONTENTS			Press Contact: David Fickes
	Executive Summary			       (415) 875-9462
	Not Just For Business Anymore
	What To Look For In Technical Support
	How To Use Our Service
	About The Company
	For More Information

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY	        For technical support: (800) 261-6630
	          				       (408) 261-6630
5 June 1995			                  fax: (408) 261-6631


	SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA-- Why would anyone spend a thousand
dollars on a proprietary PC unix when a superior free solution is
available in the form of Linux?  For many users the problem was
uncertainty about Linux technical support.  But now that is changing.
Today, Yggdrasil Computing announced new inexpensive Guaranteed
Technical Support for all Linux users, even users of non-Yggdrasil

	Using Guaranteed Technical Support does not require any
advance arrangements, only a phone call to Yggdrasil and a credit
card.  Guaranteed Technical Support costs $25 for a call, which can
last up to 15 minutes, and cover as many questions and problems as the
caller can ask about in that time.  The caller's credit card is
charged only if the call answers at least one of the caller's
questions or solves one of the caller's problems.  Guaranteed
Technical Support is also available by fax (408-261-6631) and email

	Guaranteed Technical Support can be used for any linux
questions or problems.  Examples include getting expert help in using
or configuring a program, installing a linux distribution, connecting
to the internet, debugging a subroutine, getting a program to build
under linux, obtaining a custom boot floppy, or anything.  It can't
hurt to call and ask about any problem, and the call is toll free in
the United States and Canada.

	Businesses that use linux machines should find a cost savings
in telling their employees to call Yggdrasil for any linux problem
that they cannot solve in about twenty minutes.  Open accounts for
businesses are now available and easy to qualify for.

	For quick questions, Yggdrasil offers a 900 number, which is
not guaranteed.  This support is also now available to anyone.  The
phone number is 1-900-446-6075, extension 835 ("TEK"), and costs $2.95
per minute and is available only in the United States.  People who
cannot access 900 numbers can call the regular phone number
(800-261-6630 or 408-261-6630) to charge this service to a credit

	For more information, call Yggdrasil at 800-261-6630 or
408-261-6630 or fax (408) 261-6631.


	Although small businesses are expected to be the biggest users
of Guaranteed Technical Support, Yggdrasil is also catering to
individual users with this service by making it available in small
increments and accepting credit cards over the phone.  Yggdrasil
committed to making this service valuable to individuals as well as


	Not all technical support is created equal.  Here are some
things to look for when evaluating technical support.

	1. EXPERTISE: Anybody can sell you technical support, but
getting no answer or the wrong answer is worse than worthless, it's
waste of your valuable time.  At Yggdrasil, our technical support is
done by accomplished free software developers in the linux community.
There is no greater collection of linux expertise under one roof than
there is at Yggdrasil.

	2. VARIETY OF EXPERTISE.  Diagnosing problems and helping
users connect lots of software components requires detailed knowledge
of many linux software packages.  No one person can achieve a high
success rate on arbitrary technical support calls.  At Yggdrasil we
have a pool of experienced Linux developers in the same workspace with
different specializations, which means somebody here probably knows
the answer to your question, will give it to you in seconds.

	3. ACCESSIBILITY: Busy signals from an under staffed support
department or short hours of operation can make even the best
technical support frustrating and inefficient to use.  At Yggdrasil,
We hire technical staff liberally to avoid avoid spill-over on the
phone lines.  We are open from 9am to 5pm weekdays.  If a member of
technical staff is available at any other time, that person will try
to help you on the spot.  In the worst case you get voicemail and you
can leave your phone number and have us call you right back.

	4. RESPONSIVENESS: Hours lost waiting to get a response are
just as bad as hours lost trying to solve a problem by any other
means.  Just getting some initial feedback quickly can often put one
on the road to a solution.  At Yggdrasil, we offer live technical
support by phone, so you can get someone to start working on your
requirements right away.

	5. TESTING HARDWARE: Yggdrasil has invested heavily in PC
hardware in order to be able to produce test hardware configurations
similar to yours when necessary.  We have most CDROM drives and SCSI
controllers in existence, and, of course, an internet-connected
ethernet, which allows us to test network and internet related
problems immediately.

	6. REMOTE ACCESS: Reading a hundred lines of debugging
information to a person at the other end of the phone can be
frustrating.  Yggdrasil has a high speed "T1" internet connection and
outgoing modem lines, so we can often expedite a solution by logging
directly into your machine to see what is going on.

	7. COST: Guaranteed Technical Support costs just $25 for a
fifteen minute call.  You can also call 1-900-446-6075 ext. 835
("TEK") to buy non-guaranteed technical support for $2.95 per minute.


	You can use Guaranteed Technical Support by any of the following

		Phone:	(800) 261-6630 (toll free, US & Canada)
			(408) 261-6630
		Fax:	(408) 261-6631

	Also see our web page at


	In December 1992, Yggdrasil Computing Inc. became the first
company ever to make a runnable free operating system CDROM when it
published the alpha release of it's Plug-and-Play Linux distribution.
In addition to Plug-and-Play Linux, Yggdrasil also publishes _The
Linux Bible_ (an 1100+ page collection of the works of The Linux
Documentation Project and other linux documentation).  Yggdrasil has
been selling linux technical technical support for linux since 1993.
In addition, Yggdrasil sells the world's cheapest 4 CDROM set for
Linux: Linux Internet Archives ($19.95), which consists of a snapshots
of FTP sites for Linux, X-windows and GNU software.

	Yggdrasil also supports the Linux free software development
community on the internet in a variety of ways.  Yggdrasil has donated
thousand of dollars to The Linux Documentation Project and the Free
Software Foundation.  Yggdrasil maintains a public FTP site, from
which it allows public access to the development tree for
Plug-and-Play Linux, mirrors for major linux FTP sites, and support
materials.  Yggdrasil also produces the "comp.archives" usenet group
which is a compilation of announcements of free software on the
internet as they happen, and gateways over 150 linux mailing lists
into a news hierarchy named "linux.*".  All of this is done as
contributions to the linux software development community.


	Here are some useful automatic mailer addresses that you can
use to receive additional information on Yggdrasil products and

Technical support
Linux Internet Archives ($19.95 4 CD set)
Plug&Play Linux, other Yggdrasil information

	Or feel free to contact us by more conventional means:

		Yggdrasil Computing, Inc.
		4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205
		San Jose, CA 95129
		United States of America
		(408) 261-6630, toll free: (800) 261-6630
		fax (408) 261-6631

	We look forward to assisting you.

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