From: mjohnsto@ditdah.Morse.Net (Michael R. Johnston)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: ANNOUNCING: The Linux Support Service
Date: 13 Sep 1993 22:18:31 GMT
Approved: (Matt Welsh)
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Morse Telecommunications is pleased to announce The Linux Support Service, an
online technical response system designed to assist users new to Linux or
Unix in general in getting their systems running without the headaches 
associated with 'winging it.' Technical support is provided via electronic 
mail and fax. Direct UUCP connections are provided for sites wishing to do

Using the service is simple. Email us your questions or problems with Linux
and we'll email you a personal response to your question, usually the same day.


	Monthly Subscribers Get:

	- Guaranteed twenty-four hour response time to technical queries

	- Patches for acknowledged Linux bugs

	- Access to our source code and precompiled binary library via
	  electronic mail or fax

	- Notification of critical software version updates or bugs

	- Dialup UUCP access to our archives

	Quarterly Benefits:

	- All services provided to monthly members PLUS

	- 15% Discount on Linux diskette distributions

	- 5% Discount over our monthly plan.

	For Annual Plan Members:

	- All services provided to monthly and quarterly subscribers PLUS

	- One free copy of the Linux distribution of your choice per
	  year. The distribution is provided on bootable floppy for the
	  size diskette you require. Additional distributions are provided
	 at the discount listed above for quarterly subscribers.

	- 7% Discount over our monthly plans

Who we are

Our staff of three has 25 years cumulative experience with Unix and
a broad array of its variants. Some of the versions we've worked on 

	- Unix System V Releases II, III, IV

	- SunOS 4.x

	- Solaris 2.x
	- AIX 3.x

	- SCO Xenix System V

	- Altos Xenix

We also have had extensive experience with the following hardware
and associated peripherals:

	- IBM PC's and compatibles

	- Sun Equipment: Sparcstations I, II, 10, IPC, IPX.
	  Servers: 4/470, 4/490, 4/670, 4/690 Symetric 

	- Altos Minicomputers 1000, 2000, 3000

	- IBM RS/6000 Workstations and Servers

	- Plus a dull array of klunky old machine such as
	  MAI/Basic4 Mini's and HP Mainframes running MPE.

In short, we have a broad range of experience with many different
types of hardware and software. Each member of the support team 
has a background of applications development in C and shell 
programming in addition to some other languages.

In-house we run Linux on all of our machines. We use it
every day so we know it pretty well. We believe that Linux
is not only the lowest cost Unix around, it's also one
of the best.

What we can answer

Let's face it, no technical support service can answer *every*
question posed to it. That's an unreasonable expectation and
we would never promise to be able to deliver on such a vow.

We're not kernel hackers, though we've configured many of them.
If you have a problem with a bug in a package included with Linux,
the best avenue of support will be to discuss it with the 
developer of that utility. However, we can and will make an
effort to help you isolate the bug and determine a fix or
workaround until the next release of the software if at
all possible.

A few examples of the areas in which we will be of the most
assistance to you:

	- Configuring pre-installed packages such as UUCP,
	  Netnews, TCP/IP, Smail and many others.

	- Tailoring software configurations prior to
	  compilation to take maximum advantage of your
	  hardware. Yes, this includes kernel configurations.

	- Recommending equipment purchases to make your
	  system more efficient.

	- Clarifying areas of Linux not well documented or
	  those just plain UNdocumented.

Our Guarantee

Use our service for the first two weeks. If you're not fully
satisfied with it, you may cancel it with no obligation or
cost incurred.


	Plan		Cost		Discount
	Monthly		$19.95		None
	Quarterly	$56.86		%5
	Yearly	       $170.57		%7
( Discounts are shown for illustration. Actual prices given have 
  already been discounted)

Please note the following restrictions:

	- Prices are per machine. At these prices, we cannot 
	  afford to provide support for an entire network.

	- Support is provided on the honor system, per the
	  above restriction. We cannot definitively verify
	  how many machines or users there are at your site
	  and we will make no attempt to do so. Bear in mind
	  that we're still a small company and let your
	  conscience be your guide.

	- We make no guarantees that we'll be able to
	  answer every question you pose, although we will
	  make every effort to do so. If we cannot resolve
	  your problem we may suggest an alternate means.

	- Cancellations of support contracts can be made with
	  written notice. We will refund the remaining whole
	  months of your contract price. For example, if you
	  subscribe quarterly, and 6 weeks into the contract
	  you wish to cancel, we will refund the final month's
	  support fees.

	- We reserve the right to modify the terms of this
	  agreement with 14 days written notice.


Invoices are mailed at the beginning of each service period
and are payable upon receipt. Accounts in arrears for more
than 10 business days will be suspended. After one month they
will be fully terminated


You can subscribe by filling out the electronic order blank
below and mailing it to order@Morse.Net. A representative will
contact you, usually on the same business day, to verify
the information and establish your account. At that time
you will be given a customer ID number. This should be
used in all correspondence with us.


Linux Support Service Order Blank

Part I, Customer Contact Information
Name: ___________________________

Email address: ______________________
(Optional. We will provide a domain name for you
 if you're not already on the network.)

Company: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________

City: _____________________ State: ___   Zip: _____________

Voice Telephone Number: (     )     -

Fax Telephone Number:   (     )     -

Part II, Billing Information

Name: ___________________________

Email Address: ______________________ (Optional)

Company: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________

City: _____________________ State: ___   Zip: _____________

Voice Telephone Number: (     )     -

Fax Telephone Number:   (     )     -

Part III, Service Selection

Please select the type of a account you wish to initiate:

	Monthly Service: ___

	Quarterly Service: ____

	Yearly Service: ____

How many machines do you wish support for? ___

Part IV, Site information

Type Machine: ____________________

Version of Linux you are running: _______________

Would you a UUCP connection with us? (Yes or No): ________

	If so:

		Your Hostname: ___________

		Your domain name: __________________

		Highest speed your modem supports? ________

(Note: There is an additional charge for newsfeeds. Send email to
info@Morse.Net for further details.)

Please email this completed form to order@Morse.Net when you are 
through with it. A representative will contact you as soon as we
receive it. If you wish, you may send it via regular postal mail

	Morse Telecommunications
	24 Prospect Avenue
	East Rockaway, NY 11518
	(516) 887-4046

Michael R. Johnston
Morse Telecommunications - Unlimited, flat rate Usenet & Email: info@Morse.Net

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