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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] dosemu 0.49 released
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Date: 23 May 1993 14:31:38 -0400
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I hereby announce the release of the Linux DOS emulator version 0.49.
Rejoice and be merry!  

This release fixes umpteen bugs and adds a feature or two, including...
wait for it... VGA graphics!  Also included are such neat things as:

  * did I already say VGA graphics?
  * a new disk redirector
  * serial ports (which also work with to give you mouse access)
  * better printer handling
  * better raw-disk partition handling
  * better int10h screen handling, fixing all those Turbo Pascal programs
    that screwed up before
  * much less CPU hungry keyboard anti-polling routines
  * almost compile-less configuration with run-time configuration file
  * bug-swatting like you wouldn't believe.  but you know bugs, there are
    still a multitude hiding under the metaphorical sink... sigh.
  * and much, much more!

Be the envy of your friends, be the talk of the town!  Run fractint and
EMACS *at* *the* *same* *time*!  

You'll need the Linux kernel version 0.99pl7 or later to run dosemu.
You'll also need the excellent SYSV IPC kernel patches, which can be found
in these places: /pub/Linux/kernel/misc-patches/ipcdelta.tar.z : /pub/linux/patches/ipcdelta.tar.z

Apply these patches to your kernel sources, recompile the kernel, reboot,
and you should have a dosemu-ready kernel.  By the way, ipcdelta doesn't
patch cleanly into 0.99pl9, at least, so you'll have to do a little editing
on linux/kernel/sys.c and linux/kernel/fork.c.  Hopefully ipcgamma
patches are due out soon.

I have but one more thing to say: READ THE MANUAL!  God will strike
you down if you don't.  I promise.  Details about getting the manual are
below.  I put a PostScript version on tsx-11, as well as an Info
version.  The original manual (included in the dosemu source
tar file) is a TeXinfo file.  I know I'm going to get a lot of
complaints about not using plain ASCII, but Info format is about
as close to ASCII as you can get.  If your editor/file viewer can't handle 
an infrequent ^_ character, it's time to get a new one.

For your entertainment, the README.first file included in the distribution:
This is release 0.49 of the Linux MS-DOS emulator.  You will need
to read the documentation before you use the DOS emulator.  If you
have TeX and the macro file texinfo.tex installed and wish to generate
printable output, do this: 
   cd doc
   make dvi

then run whatever program you use to print .dvi files, such as dvips.
You may also preview dvi files under X11 with xdvi.

If you have the makeinfo program, you may generate EMACS Info-mode
browsable output with these commands:

   cd doc
   make info

The* files are fairly close to plain ASCII, so you can
simply read those if no other viewing methods are convenient.

If you would like pre-generated PostScript and Info documents, ftp to  Within the directory /pub/linux/ALPHA/dosemu there
are two files:

These are tar'ed and GNU gzip'ed files. is the
pre-generated PostScript form of the manual, and is
the Info form of the manual.

You may also get the dosemu distribution itself from that directory.
The file is:

The dos.1 man page in the doc directory is obsolete.

If you have any problems, please send them to the Linux MSDOS mailing
list.  You may find out more about the mailing list by sending mail
with a subject heading of HELP to:

Good luck,

Robert Sanders

Robert Sanders
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
uucp:	  ...!{decvax,hplabs,ncar,purdue,rutgers}!gatech!prism!gt8134b

Matt Welsh,
"That kernel's got a mean streak A MILE WIDE!!" --Chip Salzenberg

Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Path: sparky!uunet!!!!usc!!agate!ames!!caen!batcomputer!db.TC.Cornell.EDU!mdw
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] dosemu 0.48 released
Message-ID: <>
Originator: m...@db.TC.Cornell.EDU
Keywords: dosemu 0.48
Organization: Cornell Theory Center
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1993 02:25:03 GMT
Approved: (Matt Welsh)
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======================= DOSEMU ANNOUNCEMENT ==============================

I have put dosemu48.tar.Z onto in the
/pub/linux/ALPHA/dosemu directory.

dosemu48.tar.Z is a collection of my enhanced sources to the MS-DOS
emulator originally written by Matthias Lautner.  Note that the term
MS-DOS "emulator" is a misnomer, as you must have a copy of MS-DOS to
boot it.  I doubt this is a problem for anybody.
  Suggestions for less misleading names are welcome.

There have been a lot of questions about using WordPerfect under dosemu.
As of dosemu 0.48, you can.  If you didn't see my post on how to make
WordPerfect run under dosemu, mail me and I'll send it to you.
(actually, it's in the source distribution as "wp50").
(Basically, just set the screen mode to "Text Only").

Here are some of the changes since version 0.47.7:
  * "dir /w" actually comes out right now (finally).  This also means
    any errors in DOS STDOUT redirection (i.e. type file > file2) should
    be fixed.
  * that hold-alt-and-type-on-the-keypad numeric keypad entry methos works
    in RAW keyboard mode.
  * along with this, almost all RAW keyboard mode keys should work (ctrl/alt
    cursor keys, etc).
  * fixes to get WordPerfect to work.
  * fixes to get EDLIN to work (whee) including the proper handling of ctrl-c
    while in a DOS read char/string call.
  * some of the fixes needed to get QBASIC/EDIT to work (this is primarily
    the addition of hardware keyboard access emulation, and is nowhere near
  * partial XMS...put "dos=high,umb" in your config.sys and
    watch the fun begin.  Works great for 4DOS.
  * a pseudo-timer tick has been implemented...all it does is update the
    BIOS tick counter at 0040:006c.  This is apparently a big deal
    to a lot of programs, so if they just froze before, try them again.
  * a lot of little things here and there.
  * most of the important CMOS RAM has been implemented, with the
    exception of the Real Time Clock alarm.
  * a tentative man page

Thanks to all you who are bravely risking your filesystems, your
machines, nay, your very lives, to help me test this thing.

Read README.first for details.  Read the Makefile for help on configuration.

I hope this satisfies all you DOS losers, er, users for a while.  I'm 
gonna take some time to actually do my schoolwork, get some rest, smell
the flowers.  

I'd like to say the next release will be the big bad dosemu I've
envisioned, but I doubt it will.  I will eventually have the console
graphics working, and I'll finish the XMS UMB support, maybe even find the
time to get the keyboard and timer hardware emulation working.  But
it'll be several weeks before that happens.

Robert Sanders

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