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From: (HJ Lu)
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: /sbin/sln is on
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Date: 7 May 1993 11:56:33 +0300
Organization: University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science
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Keywords: static binary, ln, shared libraries, emergency

I have put sbin.tar.z on under pub/Linux/Incoming.
Here are the uuencoded version and README.

I finally decided to do something about the static linked binaries.
I am collecting essential binaries in /sbin.

1. The first one is `sln', which is a very very simple static linked
   `ln'. It only can make one symbolic link:

   It is very small and good enough to tide you over if you mess up
   /lib/ like what I did many times :-(.

   The source code will be the part of the Linux C library 4.4.

I welcome any suggestions. The only requirements are essential and
small, i.e.  the size of the static linked binary must be less than
1 page, 4K bytes.


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