Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
From: (H.J. Lu)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: the Linux C library 4.2 is on tsx-11.
Message-ID: <>
Originator: mdw@db.TC.Cornell.EDU
Keywords: library 4.2
Organization: School of EECS, Washington State University
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1992 04:42:34 GMT
Approved: (Matt Welsh)
Lines: 122
Status: R

This is the release of the Linux C library 4.2. You have to
install the source code of 0.98 pl5 to use it since fd_set is changed
and it needs <linux/ioctl.h>. You don't have to use 0.98 pl 5 kernel.
But 0.98 pl 4 kernel is necessary. You also need gcc 2.3.3 or above to
use it.

Since kernel now has the 387 emulation, we don't need soft math library

I was told this shared image work with older kernel (newer than 0.97
pl4). I have put libnet.a and librpc.a back into libc.a.

Please get the latest binutils.TZ from if you cannot
get your binaries linked with the shared libraries.

You can get them from under pub/linux/GCC. The
file names are image-4.2.TZ, extra-4.2.TZ, gxx-2.3.TZ, inc-4.2.TZ,
jump-4.2.TZ and libc-4.2.TZ.

Please read ChangeLog for details of the bug fixes.

The file list:

1. image-4.2.TZ

The shared images and libraries. To install it, as root do

cd /tmp
rm -rf ./lib ./usr
tar xvvofz image-4.2.TZ
cp -av ./lib ./usr /
cd /lib
ln -sf

If you have an early version of installed, you may have
to play with it, like

cd /lib
ln -sf
mv foo

before you unpack image-4.2.TZ. The iostream is in But
you have to use -nojump to use it since the external interface of
iostream may change in the future.

2. extra-4.2.TZ

libg.a and libc_p.a. To install

cd /
tar xvvofz extra-4.2.TZ

libg.a is very big. I usually do

cd /usr/lib
ln -s libc.a libg.a

since I usually do not debug the C library this way.

3. gxx-2.3.TZ

libg++.a, g++-include and genclass. It is libg++ 2.3. To install

cd /usr
tar xvvofz gxx-2.3.TZ

Iostream is in libc.a. To use it, you have to use -nojump
or -static in your LDFLAGS.

4. inc-4.2.TZ

To use the 4.2 header files, do

cd /usr
tar xvvofz inc-4.2..TZ

/usr/include/asm and /usr/include/linux may be wrong. Please make
a right symbolic link to each of them according to your Linux kernel
source tree.

5. inc1229-4.2.TZ

Change of the header files from 1129 to 4.2. It is in the testing

cd /usr
tar xvvofz inc1229-4.2.TZ

6. jump-4.2.TZ

There is also a file called jump-4.2.TZ for building the shared
image for the C library 4.2. Please install image-4.2.TZ first since
you need libgcc.a in it. The has been changed a lot thanks to (Doug Evans).

7. libc-4.2.TZ

The source code of the Linux C library 4.2.

8. libc1229-4.2.TZ

Change of the source code from 1229 to 4.2. It is in the testing

9. ChangeLog

Change log for the Linux C library.

Please fix the file permissions after you install it.


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