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From: (Mike Tierney)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.dos-under-unix
Subject: DOS emulation under PD unix..
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Date: 24 Sep 92 17:24:24 GMT
Organization: Penn State University
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Hi all,
     I'm going to be running a version of public domain unix called Linux
on my system, and I was wondering if there was source out there for a DOS
emulator that I could compile under my system.
     Also, some other people were talking about this in other threads, but
do you think it is possible to run a protected mode application such as
Windows under a protected mode OS such as unix?  If there would be no
conflicts, I somehow think that multitasking Windows under Linux would
become my system of choice.  Thanks for any input,
Mike Tierney               "Any technology without some attendant risk
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From: iii...@cybaswan.UUCP (Alan Cox)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux
Subject: Re: DOS emulation under PD unix..
Keywords: DrossEmulator
Message-ID: <1032@cybaswan.UUCP>
Date: 28 Sep 92 16:14:00 GMT
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Organization: Swansea University Computer Society
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If you've tried the old dos emulator, try the variant I've put on This has a lot of fixes - like it
bothers to set all the carry flags. I can now run most DOS utilities
reliably. The only exceptions I've found are dir/p (as before), 
format (not supported, crashes anyway), and ansi.sys (a bug in my
int10 fixes).
I've add full (but with 2 bugs I know of) emulation of mono display int10,
as well as the vblank wait that most direct video drivers use, extended
int13 tided the others up and added the AT extended bios (int15) calls.

It now seems happy to run microemacs and several other dos apps I've tried
(including HHGTTG!).

Also on there is a fixed version of rogue which has the original patches
to rogue clone applied and a help page added.

If the dos stuff seems to work let me know and I'll submit it on to
the original author of the dos emulator for inclusion.

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