From: Xavier Leroy <>
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: LinuxThreads 0.7 -- POSIX thread library
Date: Fri,  5 Dec 1997 13:53:02 GMT
Organization: INRIA Rocquencourt, projet Cristal
Approved: (Mikko Rauhala)
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It is my pleasure to announce release 0.7 of the LinuxThreads library.

LinuxThreads is a thread library for Linux implementing the POSIX
1003.1c API and based on the "one thread = one process" model.

Main changes since release 0.6:

* Destructors for thread-specific data now conform to the POSIX semantics
  (call destructors again if non-NULL TSD remains after a round of
* Implemented thread-specific data as a sparse array, allows more TSD keys
  and smaller thread descriptors (Ulrich Drepper).
* Added "error checking" mutexes.
* Protect against multiple sigwait() on the same signals.
* Simplified implementation of semaphores when compare_and_swap is 
  not available.
* Fixed bug in fork() where stdin was closed if fork() was called before
  the first pthread_create().
* Fixed bug in the gethostby*_r functions (bad result if null bytes
  in addresses).
* Typos in manual pages corrected.
* First cut at a PowerPC port (not working yet, runs into problems
  with gcc and with the C library).

The sources are available through the LinuxThreads home page:
or directly on our FTP server:

Note: the location above is for the libc 5 version of LinuxThreads.
The glibc 2 version of LinuxThreads will be made available soon
with future releases of glibc 2, and can be found on
and its mirrors.

- - Xavier Leroy

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