From: Xavier Leroy <>
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: LinuxThreads 0.6 -- clone()-based POSIX threads library
Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 10:23:26 GMT
Organization: INRIA Rocquencourt, projet Cristal
Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)
Message-ID: <>
Xref: comp.os.linux.announce:7265

It's my pleasure to announce the availability of LinuxThreads 0.6.

The LinuxThreads library implements POSIX threads for Linux with
kernel-level threads: each thread is a separate Unix process, sharing
its address space with the other threads through the new system call
clone(). Advantages include support for multiprocessors and absence of
any problems with blocking system calls.

The main changes from release 0.5 are:

* Validation of thread identifiers: no more crashes when operating on
  a thread that has exited (based on Pavel Krauz's ideas).
* Added fallback implementation of semaphores for the 386 and the
* Fixed a bug in signal handling causing false restarts of suspended
* Fixed a bug in realtime scheduling causing all threads to have
  default scheduling on Ix86 with libc5.
* With realtime scheduling, unlocking a mutex now restarts the
  highest priority thread waiting on the mutex, not the
  first-suspended thread (Richard Neitzel).
* Timing a process now returns cumulative times for all threads, not
  just times for the initial thread (suggested by Wolfram Gloger).
* Cleaned up name space (internal defs prefixed by __, weak aliases
  for non-portable extensions).
* MIPS port (contributed by Ralf Baechle).

In addition, the distribution now contains a fairly extensive list of
frequently asked questions.

LinuxThreads 0.6 is available at the following location:

General information on LinuxThreads can be found at:

- - Xavier Leroy

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