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Subject: Real-Time Linux release
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 15:38:26 GMT
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Real-Time Linux: Release

RT-Linux is a Linux kernel with hard real-time tasks. 
Current versions run on the x86 architectures only. 
Real-time tasks are run as loadable modules and may
be  periodic or interrupt driven. On a 120MHz Pentium,
we have reliably run  tasks with periods of 150 micro-seconds.
This is a development release and undoubtedly there are bugs
to be found and aspects of the design that should be changed.
We are actively looking for interesting test applications. 
If you have a candidate application and want some assistance,
email to
If you develop an application, please tell us about it.


Victor Yodaiken
Department of Computer Science
New Mexico Institute of Technology
Socorro NM 87801

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