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Subject: COMMERCIAL: Multi- Platform Multithreading for Linux
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From: (Interbase)
Date: 1 Jul 1995 12:36:01 +0300
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)

The Interbase multithreading program library - mthreads - is now 
available for the Linux 1.2.8 kernel. The new addition makes the 
mthreads library program product now available in versions for 

      IBM AIX 3.2.4 
      Linux version 1.2.8
      Mark Williams Company Coherent 4.2.10
      SCO UNIX 3.2v4.2

The mthreads program library provides a set of syntactically identical, 
semantically consistent, multithreading functions on each supported 
platform. Multi- platform consistency means software developers now have 
a powerful aid to portability as well as meeting aggressive performance 

mthreads supports a sequential programming model for high performance 
I/O intensive concurrent applications. Threads - lightweight contexts - 
provide multiple execution paths in the same process, avoiding much of 
the performance penalty of multiple processes. Capabilities are 
equivalent to those of the Carnegie Mellon University C Threads 
Coroutine Implementation (C Threads, Eric C. Cooper, Richard P.Draves, 
Carnegie Mellon University, June 1988, CMU-CS-8-154, pg 11). mthreads 
allows you to:

+ Interleave thread execution with I/O. 
+ Dynamically create and delete multiple threads in a single process 
address space. 
+ Synchronize and coordinate multiple threads. 
+ Dynamically track thread storage usage. 
+ Provide  per thread timing services. 
+ Access full Berkley sockets capability. (Where supported by the 
underlying operating system). 

All Interbase products come with man pages providing complete on line 
documentation enabling you to quickly identify and understand general 
principles of operation as well as the operation of each specific 
library function. 

The one time licence fee of $380 (plus $20 shipping and handling in the 
US) gives you unlimited royalty free distribution of the mthreads 
library when linked into your product. You also have unlimited use and 
duplication rights in your own business (there are no per user or per
machine fees), and you may use included source code without restriction. 
Technical support, exclusive of toll charges, is free for the first 30 
days after shipment. Each version is sold separately. Liberal discounts 
when multiple versions ordered. 

To obtain information on product availability, technical data sheets, 
and pricing, please provide your name, company affiliation, and either 
your FAX telephone number, or your street address, to: 

  Bryan Batten                America Online:
  Interbase                   Compuserve:
  419 Talbert Street
  Playa del Rey, CA 90293 
  Voice, FAX: (310) 822-1847 

FAX responses will be sent 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM PDT. 

Interbase (Bryan Batten)
419 Talbert Street
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
America Online:
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