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SSC has just published Olaf Kirch's _Linux Network Administrator's Guide_
as a perfect-bound book.  The book is 290 pages in a 8" x 10" format with
2-color cover.  ISBN is 0-916151-75-1. Price is $18.95. We have a sample
copy at our booth at Unix Expo and expect the main shipment here in
Seattle by October 10.

Chapters Include:
   * Introduction to Networking
   * Issues of TCP/IP Networking
   * Configuring the Networking Hardware
   * Setting up the Serial Hardware
   * Configuring TCP/IP Networking
   * Name Service and Resolver Configuration
   * Serial Line IP
   * The Point-to-Point Protocol
   * Various Network Applications
   * The Network Information System (NIS)
   * The Network File System (NFS)
   * Managing Taylor UUCP
   * Electronic Mail
   * Getting smail Up and Running
   * Sendmail+IDA
   * Netnews
   * C News
   * A Description of NNTP
   * Newsreader Configuration

The book also includes three appendices, a glossary and annotated
bibliography. While there is much Linux-specific information, this book
is a wealth of information on networking in general.

The book can be ordered directly from SSC for $18.95 plus postage ($3.50
in the US) by calling 206-527-3385 or mailing your order to the address
below or FAXing in an order.  You can use Visa, MasterCard or AmEx cards
or, yes, we take real money too. :-)  Or contact your local bookstore.

For anyone who also wants a copy of Matt Welsh's _Linux Installation and
Getting Started_, we will offer both books for a total of $35 postpaid
(normally $12.95 for Matt's book and $5 shipping for the two books) in
the US.  Outside the US we will charge you $30 plus shipping charges.

Phil Hughes, SSC, Inc. P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155  (206)FOR-UNIX
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