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Subject: NET2 Debugged
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Date: 6 Oct 1993 02:44:50 GMT
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Keywords: NET-2 TCP/IP kernel release
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[Net2 "Debugged" is a set of modifications to Fred van Kempen's NET-2
TCP/IP code for Linux. --mdw]

The fourth release of NET2 Debugged is now on
This fixes some major problems with the third release I uploaded for the
BETA directories on sunsite (tho it got put elsewhere). It's still
not a 100% solution to Linux networking, just a help especially on busy

The four releases are

1. Released to Linux net channel 
2. BETA release fixed some memory problems
3. Released to Linux net channel, fixed race condition crashes on close
4. Minor arp tidies and a missing return fixed, release to public.

Alan Cox, Sysadmin, Swansea University Computer Society

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