From: (Rick Sladkey)
Subject: net-bin-0.2 and net-src-0.2 on sunsite
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1993 08:01:37 +0200

I just put a new net suite on sunsite in Incoming.  A minor bug in
telnetd is fixed (wtmp handling) and for those of you having problems
with telnetd dropping connections I made one change which might help.

Other than that, everything is compiled for libc-4.2 and serveral
new programs are included.

Old ones:
	ftp, ftpd, telnet, telnetd, inetd, ping, named, nslookup

New ones:
	rcp rsh rshd rlogin rlogind finger fingerd talk ntalkd tftp tftpd


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From: (Lars Wirzenius)
Subject: new suite of networking programs available
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1993 12:46:44 +0200

I uploaded a new suite of networking programs to  The files are:

* net-0.2.README        summary of distribution contents and notes
* net-src-0.2.tar.Z     BSD source for all programs and a BSD library
* net-bin-0.2.tar.Z     binaries and man pages for all programs

This distribution provides Linux-ready versions of most of the standard
bsd-net2 networking programs.  Included programs are:

ftp ftpd telnet telnetd inetd ping named named-xfer nslookup nsquery
rcp rsh rshd rlogin rlogind finger fingerd talk ntalkd tftp tftpd

The binary distribution is compiled with  This means that
you *must* upgrade to the libc included with the latest gcc 2.3.3
before you can use them.  Also note that you must have the latest
Linux kernel 0.99 patchlevel 2 for rlogind to work correctly.

* the compiled ftpd does not use the shadow password library
* telnetd and rlogind require a login that understands the -h argument
* kerberos support is not yet compiled in
Rick Sladkey

From: (Rick Sladkey)
Subject: status report on misc rpc and net stuff
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1993 08:41:11 +0200

Here is a short update of some of the stuff I have been working on.

I ported a new version of rpcgen that generates ANSI C and C++
compatible code.  It can also generate rpc servers that can be run as
static servers or started from inetd.

I found some bugs relating to Linux-style vs. BSD-style select.

I had to modify the bsd-net2 inetd to be able to start rpc services.
SunOS has this feature but bsd-net2 does not.

There have been a couple of major bug fixes contributed.  I also
modified the programs to use the new rpcgen and now they can be
started either as static servers or from inetd.  I also added support
for NFS over TCP as well as UDP.  Although the kernel client cannot
yet handle it, other clients may be able to use it.  NFS over TCP is
much more suitable for WAN use because it is less sensitive to delays
and has built-in error detection and correction.

Ported from bsd-net2 and works fine.  Our Linux mountd doesn't
really support this info but it should work with other NFS servers.

There are still people reporting problems with CR vs LF with telnet to
certain types of systems (e.g. VMS).  I think I have a fix by going
back to the vanilla telnet from bsd-net2.

There is a problem with trying to use TIOCNOTTY when your controlling
terminal is a pty master.  Opening /dev/tty fails (becuase a pty
master can only be opened once) and so it can't be used to disconnect
from it's controlling terminal.  It's not even clear to me that it is
meaningful to have a pty master as your controlling terminal but
the current kernel allows it.

I started trying to debug the reason rlogin doesn't work correctly.
It turns out that rlogin recieve urgent data from (a normal) rlogind
and urgent stuff is broken in the kernel.  There are three main
problems that I can find:

* SIGURG is never generated
* reading from a socket that has pending urgent data returns end-of-file
* trying to read urgent data causes the whole machine to lock up

I revamped and cleaned up the "bsd compilation environment."  It
really does make porting BSD programs very painless.  However, the
last version had a major bug where I accidentally got USG-style
signals instead of BSD-style.  The sgtty emulation is still not
complete but it works fairly well.


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