Jay C. Weber (weber@eit.COM)
Thu, 9 Jun 94 09:50:20 PDT

> From: (Nick Arnett)
> I guess this is as good a time as any to reveal that I've been converting
> this list (and others related to the Web, libraries, Macs, Bosnia and more,
> see list below) to HTML on one of my servers. You can browse them by the
> subject, date or sender fields.
> The HTML-ized list is somewhat threaded -- there are links to all replies
> at the bottom of the parent message. Some of the older message threading
> might still have the wrong message as the parent; I wasn't parsing the
> offset time properly. It italicizes quoted text (usually) and makes URLs
> in message text into HREFs, although there are still occasional bugs in
> detecting the end of the URL.

You should check out Hypermail at

which has managed a threaded HTML archive of www-talk since last fall.
It finds URLs, does some fancy matching on reply-to cues for the threading,
alternately organizes by subject, etc.