Re: Quality problems - AGREE!

Steve Foster (
Thu, 14 Apr 1994 13:27:43 -0700

Jacob Palme wrote:
} ... < stuff deleted >
} >My suggestion for a solution to this problem is the following:
} >Change the format of WWW and Gopher documents, so that there is a bit
} >somewhere in the document saying that "this is a dummy document,
} >the real document is not available any more". Also, always store
} >in WWW and Gopher documents the e-mail address of the person responsible
} >for the document. By document I mean also Gopher menus.
} >
} >Then create a program which runs through the whole worldwide Gopher and
} >WWW data bases, in much the same way as is done when accumulating data
} >for the Veronica data bases. This program should note every case where a
} >
} >------------------------------------------------------------------------
} >Jacob Palme E-mail:

I have started a rudimentary quality-checking program for veronica.
We are trying sites and files at random ... this is rather crude yet
because we don't have a way to distinguish bad data except the Bummer
msgs and "can't connect" msgs. I think some sort of marker like Jacob's
could be quite helpful.

- steve foster