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Rama Porrat (
Sun, 19 Jul 92 14:28:59 +0300

TeX data base for WWW

We have a database containing information about TeX and related issues.
The database is built so that it can easily be accessed via
WWW -- WorldWideWeb --
a public domain interactive line browser. It is meant to be used
by both new and advanced TeX users.

Files within the database have been and are being copied (and modified)
from information lists pertaining to TeX; others have been written here.
Files are constantly being updated and added.

Apart from general information pertaining to TeX, the database includes
information pertaining to Hebrew TeX. This can, of course, be skipped
by those who are not interested in the subject.

To use the TeX data base, you can telnet onto
(currently with the username WWW

Once you are within WWW, choose the entry
"Computation Center Information" [7]
by typing 7 <return>

in the next menu, choose
"TeX News and Info" [5]
by typing 5 <return>

All the files contained in the TeX database can be retrieved via
anonymous ftp from [] in tex/www
The file top.html is the top of the information.:

Note: Our server is still running is the old port, not port 80.


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