NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Advanced Features


The annotation feature allows you to add personal written and audio notes to any document viewed through NCSA Mosaic.

You can create up to 20 annotations per document, and you can annotate annotations. The annotation does not change the original document in any way. The annotations are stored in a folder called Personal Annotations, which is located in the same folder as your NCSA Mosaic application.

NOTE: You cannot annotate images, animations, or other documents that are viewed using external viewers.

Text Annotations

Creating a Text Annotation

To add a text annotation to a document:

  1. Go the document you want to annotate.
  2. Select Text... from the Annotate menu to bring up the Annotation window.
  3. Edit the name, if necessary, and the title line. (The name is the one you entered in the Preferences dialog box. See xref.)
  4. Enter the text of your annotation. The text does not automatically wrap to the window width. Press RETURN to start each new line.
  5. When finished, click the OK button. (To discard the annotation, click Cancel.)

After you add an annotation, a new hyperlink is added to the bottom of the message with your name, the annotation title, and when the annotation was made.

To read the annotation, click on the hyperlink. The annotation appears in the Mosaic window like any other World Wide Web document.

Editing an Annotation

When viewing an annotation, you edit its text by selecting Edit Annotation from the Annotate menu. This brings up the same Annotation window used to create the annotation initially.

Once you make your changes, select Reload from the File menu (or press q-R) for the edited text to appear. The date and time of the annotation are changed to when you made the edits.

Deleting an Annotation

To delete an annotation:

  1. Select Delete Annotation from the Annotate menu.
  2. A dialog box asks for confirmation. Click OK.
The deletion does not occur immediately. Mosaic, in fact, still displays the annotation you just deleted. If you return to the annotated document, the hyperlink to the deleted annotation is still there, too. However, the next time Mosaic downloads the annotated document (you can force this with the Reload command under the File menu), the annotation is gone.