NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide: Document View Window

Icon Bar Elements

The icon bar is at the top of the NCSA Mosaic window on your screen. Each element is explained briefly below.

  1. Window title--Displays name of current document
  2. Status indicator--Flashes during downloading of documents
  3. Back button--Moves to previous document (dimmed initially)
  4. Next button--Moves to next document (dimmed unless you've moved back to a previous document)
  5. Home button--Returns to home page
  6. Reload button--Reloads the current document
  7. Save to disk button--Opens the standard Macintosh dialog box for saving a file so the current document can be saved
  8. History list--Displays name of current document (same name as in the Window title, except sometimes truncated); clicking on the History list brings up a pop-up menu of previously visited documents.
  9. URL field--Displays the Universal Resource Locator (URL) of the current document. (Not visible if Hide URLs has been chosen from the Options menu.)
  10. Status messages--Displays status messages during downloading of documents; also, when the cursor is moved over a hyperlink or the top left portion of an in-line graphic, the URL of the target document or of the inline graphic is displayed. (Not visible if Hide Status Messages has been chosen from the Options menu.)