From: (Beth Frank)
Subject: NCSA 1.5 beta test
Date: 1995/08/14
Message-ID: <40oigg$>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 108147701
organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix
summary: NCSA Release 1.5 beta is generally available

NCSA Release 1.5 is now in general beta test.
If you are interested, information is available

You will need to register to pick up the source
or binary.  The registration script will provide
you with a username and password to access the
source and binaries.  Registration enables us to
keep track of who is beta testing.  The mailing
list for beta related announcements is generated
from the registration file.

The feature list includes:
	- MD5 authentication
	- Keberos V4 & V5 authentication
	- DBM group and password files
	- Multihome support
	- Multiple directory indexes
	- Permanent redirects.

Bug reports are begin handled by HyperNews.

Caveat: There is a bug we are still trying to
track down that only appears intermitently on
heavily loaded sites (> 70,000 hits a day).

None of the above features are export restricted.
The export restricted version will not be available
until later this month.
		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
		NCSA Server Development Team

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