From: (Randy Terbush)
Subject: Announcing the Apache HTTP web server project
Date: 1995/04/27
Message-ID: <>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 101611687
distribution: world
organization: Design Data, Corp.
newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix

Folks, we in the Apache Group are happy to announce a new public-domain HTTP
server based on patches to NCSA's 1.3 httpd called "Apache".  It fixes many
bugs, in both performance and functionality, and it includes the following
new features: 
      Content negotiation (for all you who want to do HTML 3 right!)
      Multiple Domain Names ( &
      Custom error responses (internal redirects to pages or script)
      Send "as is" file types - for including HTTP headers with documents
      More HTTP spec compliance
      DBM-file based user authentication

Currently in version 0.6.2, the server has been tested and is being used 
by HotWired, the movie databases at Cardiff and Msstate, the MIT AI Lab,
Organic, and Hyperreal.  OS's include SunOS, Solaris, SGI, HPUX, and BSDI.

Details are available at .  All support
questions should go to comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix - it was just
created, so in the meantime use comp.infosystems.www.providers.  Real bug
reports should go to 

It's a beta product so there's guaranteed to be some bugs, but we think we've
given it a pretty good workout.  And remember, you get all the support 
you pay for!


--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--  http://www.[hyperreal,organic].com/

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