From: (Rob McCool)
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Subject: [comp.infosystems.www] NCSA httpd 1.1
Date: 27 Jan 1994 14:16:48 +0100
Organization: NCSA
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Archive-Name: auto/comp.infosystems.www/NCSA-httpd-1-1

Come 'n' get it kids... NCSA httpd 1.1 is now available at URL or via FTP from in

What's new? A bunch of bug fixes, a couple of performance
enhancements, new CGI docs, fancy directory indexing, experimental
two-way encrypted authentication (look for Mosaic/X 2.2 Real Soon Now
for the other half of it). It also includes WebReport 2.2.

Here's a more specific list:
 * Introduced experimental PEM/PGP based encrypted user authentication 
 * Improved directory indexing 
 * Cleaned up error output and fixed horrible output when server-side include
   error occurrs
 * Fixed slight bug in buffering code 
 * Directory indexing for user-supported directories fixed 
 * Retrieval of user supported directory with no trailing slash issues 
   redirect again 
 * Now supports RFC931 identd for logging purposes 
 * stderr for scripts and server side includes now sent to error_log 
 * Fixed bug in NCSA script code which would cause Location: to be ignored for
   local files 
 * Removed misfeature wherein Location: url's were being escaped by the server
 * Args to INC SRVURL escaped to avoid unpleasant surprises 
 * Location: /cgi-bin/foo?arg now works 
 * HEAD only for CGI scripts now ignores body put out by stupid
 * Options information now propogated instead of always defaulting to
   Options All
 * Average case for CGI code finding script is now one stat() call.

As usual, comments/questions to

Incidentally, I still have two unresolved bugs on my list. Apparently
on some systems, scripts can somehow have a character 255 appended to
their output, and apparently under some versions of Solaris the server
ignores .htaccess files. If anybody continues seeing these bugs with
1.1, please let me know so we can get together and try and work out
what the problem is.

Have fun

Rob McCool,
Software Development Group, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
It was working ten minutes ago, I swear...
< a href="">A must see.

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