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From: (Paul Gillingwater)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.modems
Subject: Re: Haye's special offer to BBS sysops
Summary: Hayes are offering their new modem very cheap!
Keywords: hayes trailblazer
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Date: 29 Sep 88 10:47:47 GMT
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I have seen a press release from Hayes in which they are offering
their new 9600 bps modem to sysops of qualifying BBS at a VERY
special price, i.e. US$400.  This is some 70% off retail, so it
looks like a very attractive offer.  I almost had written the cheque
when I relalized that it would probably NOT be compatible with
the nearly-de facto standard, the Trailblazer Plus (trademark of 
Telebit, I guess).  

So, I'm in a quandary.  (=dilemma*2).  Do I buy a couple of the new
Hayes, which they plan to make V.4{2,3} compatible?  Or should I
save my pennies for a Telebit?  Will the TB+ ever support V.32 or
any other CCITT standard besides V.22bis?  Will the new Hayes EVER
be able to talk to a Trailblazer, or vice versa?

I need your collective wisdom to help make this decision.  Of course,
the _VERY BEST_ solution for me would be to receive a nice letter
via e-mail from Telebit offering to sell me one of their new TB+ 
modems for US$400!!   How about it guys?  I'm in a position to promote
a lot of your modems down in this neck'o'the woods (New Zealand!).
I believe the TB+ is manufactured in Australasia under license by
Netcomm - hope this won't be a problem.

Cheers from way down-under!

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From: r...@seismo.CSS.GOV (Rick Adams)
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Subject: Re: Telebit Trailblazer USENET offer
Summary: ends Dec 31, 1988
Keywords: hayes trailblazer
Message-ID: <44422@beno.seismo.CSS.GOV>
Date: 12 Oct 88 16:56:35 GMT
References: <> <389@westmark.UUCP> <6801@dasys1.UUCP> <955@asylum.UUCP>
Organization: Center for Seismic Studies, Arlington, VA
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It seems to be well known that the 1/2 price Telebit offer has
been extended another quarter.

HOWEVER, I have it on extremely good authority, that the offer WILL NOT
BE EXTENDED again. If you don't get the order in in 1988, you lose.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that it will be renewed again. It


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