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Subject: Telebit TrailBlazer Warranty Information
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Date: 28 Apr 88 23:41:08 GMT
Organization: Telebit Corporation, Cupertine, CA
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Keywords: Standard and Extended Warranty pricing and information

Telebit Corporation                 Revision 1.01                    28 APR 1988


Many people have requested information about the Standard and Extended 
Warranties for the Telebit TrailBlazer (RA12E-T1) and the TrailBlazer Plus 
(T18SA-T1) modems. With regard to some common Warranty questions, here are
the answers many users have requested:
1) How long is the Standard Warranty, and what does it cover?

   It covers the modem for all Parts and Labor for a period of 
   one (1) year from date of purchase. Each Modem and Rack Mount 
   chassis is covered by this Warranty from the factory.

2) How much does the Extended Warranty cost?

   If purchased within 10 days of purchase of the modem:

       Standalone Model T18SA-T1                              $175
       PC Card Model T18PC-T1                                 $175
       Rack Mount Card Model T18RMM-T2                        $175
       Rack Chassis Models T18RCH-T1 or T18REX-T1             $195

   Purchase of the Extended Warranty will extend the Standard Warranty 
   from One (1) year Parts and Labor to Three (3) years Parts and Labor,
   from date of purchase of the modem. 

   If you purchase the Warranty AFTER 10 days of purchase of the modem, 
   a $50 handling fee will be added to the above amounts.

2) What are Non-Warranty repair costs?

   If the modem is no longer under Warranty, flat rate charges apply, 
   with turnaround of 30 days from receipt of the modem. 

   Charges for the various models for Non-Warranty repair are:

       Standalone RA12E-T1 or T18SA-T1 (per repair)           $195
       PC Card RA12C-T1 or T18PC-T1 (per repair)              $145
       Rack Mount Card T18RMM-T1 or T18RMM-T2 (per repair)    $195
       Rack Chassis T18RCH-T1 or T18REX-T1 (per repair)       $195

   Expediting charges for Non-Warranty work are available for $100.00 
   over the normal Non-Warranty repair charge.

3) What is the procedure to return a modem for repair or exchange?
   (Warranty or Non-Warranty)

       1. You call the Telebit Technical Support number (415) 969-2500.
       2. Telebit Technical Support will verify that the modem needs repair.
       3. You will be issued an RMA number (Return Material Authorization).
       4. Telebit will either send out a replacement modem within 24 hours 
          via UPS Blue, or will repair and return the original modem within
          30 days, at Telebit's discretion.
       5. You send the problem modem (within 10 days) to our Mountain View
          repair facility. If the modem is not returned within 10 days, 
          you will be billed for a new modem.
       6. Modems returned to Telebit without prior testing by Technical
          Support may be subject to charges for "No Trouble Found" at the
          same rate as Non-Warranty Repair.

Please contact Telebit Technical Support if you have any questions or comments 
about any of this information.

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Subject: Re: Telebit TrailBlazer Warranty Information
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Date: 9 May 88 17:21:12 GMT
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Organization: Center for Seismic Studies, Arlington, VA
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Keywords: Standard and Extended Warranty pricing and information
Summary: not a wise purchase

I consider purchasing the extended warranty a foolish waste of money.
(This is usally true of ANY product, not just modems.)

If they included new firmware as part of the warranty, it would be
a good deal.

Consider that you are basically betting Telebit $175 that your modem
will fail in the second or third year. (Not likely.  Modem failures are
usually withing the first 90 days [barring lightening, etc]. Couple this
with the non-warranty repair price of $195. You need to have TWO
failures within that 2 year period to come out ahead. That's HIGHLY

It's always fun to ask "Why do you feel your product is so
unreliable that I need the extended warranty?". (Especially
to appliance salesmen)


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