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Subject: TELEBIT Usenet/UUCP 9600 bps modem program
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Date: Sat, 10-Oct-87 19:20:00 EDT
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Posted: Sat Oct 10 19:20:00 1987
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Someone asked about a recent announcement on a special deal for Usenet
sites to purchase 9600 bps modems.

The following is presented "as-is" for informational value only.  I
have no connection with Telebit.

--Keith Petersen

--forwarded message--
From: use...@mcdchg.UUCP (Usenet Admin)
Newsgroups: comp.newprod
Subject: TELEBIT Usenet/UUCP Program
Date: 8 Oct 87 00:10:47 GMT

                       TELEBIT USENET/UUCP PROGRAM

Telebit Corporation is offering a special 50% promotional discount off the
TrailBlazer Plus modem to all mapped USENET/UUCP sites.  With Telebit's newest 
release of firmware supporting the UUCP protocol, USENET sites can now take
full advantage of the high speed dial-up capabilities of the TrailBlazer with
error free file transfer "throughputs" as high as 14,000 bps (18,000bps
modem to modem burst rates).


In order to participate in the Telebit USENET/UUCP modem purchase program
your site must be located in one of the 50 United States and your site must
be registered in the UUCP/USENET maps.

PTT restrictions and distribution contracts prohibit Telebit from directly
selling modems outside the United States.  International users are encouraged
to contact Telebit for local distributor information.  A similar 
program may be offered through local distribution on a per country, per
demand basis.


The Telebit TrailBlazer is the most advanced dial-up communications technology
on the market today.  TrailBlazer offers compatibility at 300, 1200 (V.22 and 
Bell 212), and 2400 bps.  In high speed (PEP mode), the TrailBlazer can operate
at 18,000 bps on ordinary dial-up phone lines, (+ or - 14k throughput).  
TrailBlazer's patented multicarrier technology dynamically adapts to phone line
quality and delivers the highest throughput possible for each individual line.
In August, Telebit announced enhanced features that are designed to allow the
TrailBlazer to work optimally with UUCP, Kermit, XMODEM, and YMODEM protocols.  

In addition, the modem may be configured, by use of an S register, to perform
the compress/decompress algorithms (based on Unix's 4.0 compress) on the fly.

The TrailBlazer is the first and only high speed dial-up modem that supports
unmodified Unix UUCP "g" protocol with acceptable throughput.  This UUCP
protocol support allows the TrailBlazer to provide significant savings on long
distance telephone charges associated with large file transfers within USENET.

It's now feasible to move large amounts of data by dialup modem.  Applications
that may have been unreasonable at 1200 or 2400 have an all new potential.



TrailBlazer Plus   RA12E-T1     $1345	      $672.50	        $739.75
Standalone (TBPSA)

TrailBlazer Plus   RA12C-T2	$1195	      $597.50	        $656.25

Those purchasing the modems on COD or pre-payment terms are eligible for a
50% discount off the list price.  Those who wish to pay on 30 day
payment terms will receive a 45% discount off of list.
Each USENET site may purchase a maximum of two units at this special 
promotional price.  A $7.50 shipping and handling charge per unit is added 
to all orders.  Delivery is 30 days ARO.  

/***************   THIS OFFER WILL EXPIRE DECEMBER 31, 1987.  ****************/

USENET/UUCP sites participating in this special promotional offer should store
a copy of Telebit's UUCP Implementation Guide for setup and configuration
information as well as provide access to TrailBlazer information files.


Orders are accepted by filling out the enclosed order form along with one of
the following:

  1) your purchase order indicating Net 30 terms  


  2) your purchase order and type of prepayment or indication to pay C.O.D.  
     (this option enters the order but if not C.O.D. will not ship until
      prepayment has been received)

  3) your prepayment or indication to pay C.O.D.
     (this option enters the order and will ship as soon as modems are ready)

and mailing it to:

Telebit Corporation
ATTN:  USENET Program Coordinator
20410 Town Center Lane
Suite F200
Cupertino, CA  95014

Orders will be shipped 30 days ARO.  Questions related to the Telebit USENET
program should be directed to:

Mike Ballard
UNIX Program Manager
Telebit UUCP mail address:  {uunet,ames,hoptoad}!telebit!modems
Voice phone:  408-996-8000

UUCP users that are not USENET/UUCP sites are encouraged to inquire as 
to how they can take advantage of the TrailBlazer's unequaled features by 
calling 800-TELEBIT or (408) 996-8000.


COMPANY NAME:________________________________________________

YOUR NAME: __________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS: _____________________________________________

CITY: _____________________STATE:_______________ZIP:_________

VOICE PHONE NUMBER:_____________________________

USENET/UUCP MACHINE NAME:_______________________________________

USENET/UUCP ACCOUNT NAME (for email):_______________________________________

METHOD OF PAYMENT:(Check one)  C.O.D.____ Prepay ____ Net 30____

Product Name                     Model#    Qty.  Usenet Price     Total Price

______________________________  ________   ____  _____________   _____________

______________________________  ________   ____  _____________   _____________

				         Tax                      ____________

				         Shipping (Qty x $7.50)   ____________

				         Total Balance Due        ____________
Ron Heiby use...@mcdchg.UUCP	Moderator: comp.newprod & comp.unix

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