From: kols...@BSDI.COM (Rob Kolstad)
Subject: BSDI Announces BSD/386 V1.0
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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1993 17:05:29 CDT
Newsgroups: comp.newprod
Distribution: world
Keywords: BSDI; BSD/386; BSD, operating system, PC
Organization: Berkeley Software Design
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Berkeley Software Design, Inc. has announced that it is shipping BSD/386
Version 1.0 in quantity.  The most recent release follows 15 months of
test releases.

BSDI currently has about 650 customers in two dozen countries.  The
product, BSD/386, is a UNIX clone which unleashes the functionality and
power of modern PC's.  High end PCs running BSD/386 show impressive speed
-- often outperforming Sun Microsystems' SparcStation II workstations.
But using PCs and BSD/386 dramatically decreases the cost of ownership for
power users.

BSD/386 includes a complete development environment with:  TCP/IP
networking, OSI networking, a reimplementation of Sun's NFS network file
system, the MIT X11R5 window system, SLIP, PPP, groff, TEX, POSIX
functionality, the gcc and g++ compilers, an in-core file system, and
extensive device support.

BSDI envisions its first markets as including power users who wish to use
the complete development and networking environments that BSD/386 provides
and turn-key systems manufacturers who require a low cost operating system
for delivering their application.  Redistribution licenses are priced
extremely attractively.

BSD/386 distinguishes itself from other systems in its low-cost source
availability.  A user can obtain just about complete source and binaries
on CDROM for only US$995 (some device and display drivers are supplied in
binary-only form due to constraints of the manufacturers).  BSDI currently
ships over 3,000,000 lines of code in its release.

BSD/386 is also economical for sites with many systems.  Binary
right-to-use licenses at sites which already have purchased the
full-function binary (as low as $495 on CDROM) or source are only
$200/machine.  Sites may also negotiate site licenses or quantity

Contact BSDI at 800-800-4BSD (+1 703 204 8086) for more information or
write to

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