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From: (Steven M. Schultz)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.dec.micro
Subject: 2.11BSD Release Announcement
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Date: 14 Mar 91 07:31:17 GMT
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Organization: Contel Federal Systems
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      I know there was a discussion a while back about whether 11/73s
      (93s, 83s, 53s) were "dec.micro" or not.  My (non-ECC;-) memory recalls
      that they are, so i'm posting this announcement here as well as
      comp.bugs.2bsd (the front panel of my 11/73 says Micro-Pdp on it
      after all).

      Steven M. Schultz
      Second Distribution of Berkeley PDP-11 Software for UNIX
                             Release 2.11
                        (Revised January 1991)

     The USENIX Association is pleased to announce the distribution of
a   new   release  of  the  "Second  Berkeley  Software  Distribution"

     This release will be handled by USENIX, and is available  to  all
V7,  System III, System V, and 2.9BSD licensees.  The Association will
continue to maintain the non-profit price of $200.  The  release  will
consist  of  two  2400  ft.  1600 bpi tapes or one TK50 tape cartridge
(approximately 80M) and approximately 100 pages of documentation.

     If you have questions about the distribution of the  release,  or
require  800  bpi  tapes, please contact USENIX.  USENIX's address and
phone number is as follows:

     USENIX Association
     2560 Ninth St. Suite 215
     Berkeley, CA  94710

USENIX may also be contacted by electronic mail at:


If you have technical questions  about  the  release,  please  contact
Steven M. Schultz at:

     This release is in celebration of the  20th  anniversary  of  the
PDP-11!  Work has been ongoing since the release of 2.10.1BSD in Janu-
ary 1989.  This release incorporates all fixes and changes  posted  to
the USENET newsgroup comp.bugs.2bsd since 2.10.1BSD was released.

     Present in this release are several more missing pieces from  the
4.3BSD distribution:

     o    1) the kernel logger (/dev/klog)

     o    2) the  namei  cache  and  argument  encapsulation  calling

     o    3) readv(2)/writev(2)   as   system   calls   rather   than
             emulation/compatibility routines

     o    4) shadow password file implementation (the May 1989  4.3BSD

     o    5) a TMSCP (TK50/TU81) driver with standalone support (boot-
             block and standalone driver)

     o    6) Pronet and LH/DH IMP networking support

     o    7) the portable ascii archive file format (ar, ranlib)

     o    8) the Unibus Mapping Register (UMR) handling of the network
             was rewritten to avoid allocating excessive UMRs.

     o    9) the necessary mods to the IP portion  of  the  networking
             were  made to allow traceroute (which is present in 2.11BSD)
             to run

     o   10) long filenames in the file system

     This last addition is the reason a coldstart  kit  is  necessary.
The 4.3BSD on-disk directory structure has been ported (along with the
utilities that know about on-disk directories via the raw  filesystem:
fsck,  ncheck, icheck, dcheck, etc.) and is not compatible with previ-
ous versions of UNIX for the PDP-11.

     A limited amount of filesystem backward compatibility  with  ear-
lier  versions of 2BSD (2.9BSD, 2.10BSD and 2.10.1BSD) is present in a
version of dump(8) which can read old filesystems.  The disk partition
sizes have not changed from 2.10.1BSD (the urge to standardize the
haphazard partition sizes was suppressed in the interest of backwards
compatibility).  The restor(8) utility automatically converts old dump 
tapes to the new format on input.

     The constant MAXNAMLEN is now 63 instead of 14.  While it is pos-
sible the limit could be higher, with MAXPATHLEN at 256 a MAXNAMLEN of
63 was judged sufficient.

     MANY other fixes  and  changes  have  also  been  made,  see  the
``Changes To The Kernel'' document which describes the changes made to
both the kernel and the application programs.

Steven M. Schultz
Contel Federal Systems
31717 La Tienda Drive
Westlake Village CA 91359

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  UNIX is a trademark of Bell Laboratories

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