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From: j...@EXPO.LCS.MIT.EDU (Jim Fulton)
Subject: Announcing Release 4 of the X Window System from MIT
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Date: 3 Jan 90 21:59:31 GMT
Sender: (Mr Background)
Organization: X Consortium, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
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The MIT X Consortium is proud to announce Release 4 of the X Window System,
Version 11.  Highlights of this version include:

     o	many bugs fixes
     o	the sample server has been heavily optimized, particularly for
		monochrome and 8-bit color frame buffers
     o	support for several additional displays
     o	correct (and faster) wide lines
     o	more fonts
     o	new color database
     o	non-rectangular windows extension
     o	support for X Display Manager Control Protocol in server and xdm
     o	client support for System V, Release 3.2 and STREAMS
     o	function prototypes and experimental C++ support in Xlib
     o	security hooks for passing authentication information, plus a
		sample secret token-based implementation
     o	enhanced Xt Intrinsics with gadgets and varargs interfaces
     o	support the ICCCM in libraries, clients, and window managers
     o	greatly improved Xaw widgets, including menu widget
     o	many new utility routines for standard colormaps, converters, etc.
     o	new window managers, including support for a revised twm
     o	greatly improved xmh interface
     o	8-bit and on-the-fly font setting in xterm
     o	new ditroff previewer
     o	new versions of Andrew, InterViews, and Xw toolkits
     o	XView toolkit and OPEN LOOK window manager
     o	Serpent User Interface Management System
     o	XGKS library
     o	XJ, Wnn, kinput, xterm Internationalization utilities

The software in this release is not in the public domain, but is freely
available without restrictions.  No license is required and there are no
royalties; vendors are actively encouraged to base products upon this software.

This release is available from a variety of sources, including:

     o	the Internet and UUCP sites listed below 
     o	the MIT Software Distribution Center (address below)
     o	and a variety of consulting/mail-order firms

The software is organized into two main distributions: the core X Window System
software supported by the staff of the MIT X Consortium, and user- contributed
software that is provided (without support) as a public service.  Sites that
have access to the Internet or UUCP can retrieve the release from the location
nearest them listed below.  The indicated directories contain a README file
with further instructions and copies of the release notes.

                        Machine                  Internet      FTP
    Location            Name                     Address       Directory
    --------            -------                  --------      -------------

(1) West USA      pub/X11/R4
    Central USA    pub/X11/R4
(2) Central USA  pub/X.V11R4
    Southeast USA      X/R4
(3) Northeast USA      pub/X11/R4

(4) UK Janet   X.V11R4
    UK niftp                         *

(5) Australia     X.V11/R4


(1)  The release is also available to UUCP neighbors of decwrl as
     decwrl!~/pub/X11/R4/... and to DEC Easynet sites as DECWRL::"/pub/X11/R4".
     The partition on which the anonymous ftp/uucp/dcp software is kept is
     exported read-only as /archive for public access through NFS.

(2)  The release is also available for general UUCP as follows:

	L.sys (aka Systems) lines follow; the directory tree under
	X.V11R4 will be accessible as osu-cis!~/X.V11R4/.

	# Direct Trailblazer
	osu-cis Any ACU 19200 1-614-292-5112 in:--in:--in: Uanon
	# Micom port selector, at 1200, 2400, or 9600 bps.
	# Replace ##'s below with 12, 24, or 96 (both speed and phone number).
	osu-cis Any ACU ##00 1-614-292-31## "" \r\c Name? osu-cis nected \c GO \d\r\d\r\d\r in:--in:--in: Uanon

(3)  The release is available to DEC Easynet sites as CRL::"/pub/X11/R4".

(4)  For now, the release is only available to UK users of Janet; other 
     European sites are asked to set up their own redistributions.

(5)  Australian sites are strongly urged not to try to get the release from
     the United States.  "Fetchfile" may also be used to retrieve the release
     from the same directory.

(oo) Avoid the temptation to get the release from, esp.
     between the hours of 9am and 6pm.  Connections to expo during those hours
     will be subject to termination without warning.

If you are unable to retrieve the release yourself, a set of four 1600bpi tapes
in UNIX tar format plus printed versions of the major manuals and a copy of the
new Gettys, Newman, and Scheifler book "X Window System: C Library and Protocol
Reference" are available from the MIT Software Center for the following rates
(prices include shipping):

                                 manuals,           manuals,
                                   book               book
                                ----------         ----------

          North America            $125               $400

         Everywhere Else           $175               $500

To order, please send a letter and a check payable to MIT in US currency for
the appropriate amount to:

                        MIT Software Distribution Center
                        Technology Licensing Office
                        room E32-300
                        77 Massachusetts Avenue
                        Cambridge, MA  02139

For ordering information, call the "X Ordering Hotline" at +1 (617) 258-8330.

                                    Donna Converse, Jim Fulton, Michelle Leger,
                                   Keith Packard, Chris Peterson, Bob Scheifler
                                                                   X Consortium
                                            MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

                                                                    Ralph Swick
                                                             MIT Project Athena

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