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Subject: new release of 2.10BSD
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Date: 31 Mar 89 03:18:10 GMT
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     The second release of 2.10BSD is now available.  It has been   desig-
nated  2.10.1BSD.   Although  the changes between it and the first release
of 2.10BSD are fairly simple to describe, they cover  large  portions   of
the   distribution.   Most will not be visible to either users or adminis-
trators; specifically,  no  recompilation  is  necessary.   Administrators
should  be  aware  that the  4.3BSD disk  quota  system  is now available.
Due to address space considerations, however,  it  is  expensive  to  run.
Also,  the  source  for  the  on-line  manual pages has been rearranged as
per the 4.3BSD-tahoe release.
     The major change, and the reason for the second release, is an exten-
sive reworking of the kernel to move the networking into supervisor space.
This move eliminated most, if not all, of the instabilities  seen  in  the
original  networking  provided with 2.10BSD; it also doubled the speed of,
for example, file transfer.  As encouragement to  sites  that  encountered
difficulties in using the networking in the first release, beta sites have
been running for months without crashing, as well as sites with over fifty
nodes.   2.10.1BSD supports DEQNA's, DEUNA's, DELUA's, Interlan's and 3Com
ethernet boards, as well as SLIP.  Drivers for  various  other  networking
devices are provided, but are untested, and, in many cases, unported.
     In application land, many missing pieces  of  the  4BSD  distribution
have  been  added,  most  notably the FORTRAN compiler and library and the
line printer sub-system.  Many other programs have had minor (and  not-so-
minor) fixes applied.
     Finally, credit where it's due: Cyrus Rahman, of Duke University,  is
responsible  for  much  of  the  work done to fix various applications for
2.10.1BSD.  Steven Schultz, of Contel Federal Systems,  did  the  original
port of the supervisor space networking, as well as much of the debugging.
This release would not have been possible without their efforts.
     Because the changes to the kernel are major, no ``upgrade'' tape will
be  available.   2.10.1BSD  is  only  available  as  a  source release, to
appropriate licensees of V7, System III, System V, or 2.9BSD.  The cost is
$200, prepaid.   Note, 2.10.1BSD requires split I&D, and at least 1/2Mb of
     The release consists of two 2400 foot, 1600 bpi tapes  (approximately
80Mb)  and  approximately  100 pages of documentation.  If you require 800
bpi tapes, please contact USENIX for more information.
     Also, there are a few copies of 2.9BSD available.  If you do not have
split I&D and want UNIX for your PDP-11, contact the USENIX office.

     If you have questions about the distribution, please  contact  USENIX

                2.10BSD                    +1-415-528-8649
                USENIX Assoc.              {uunet,ucbvax}!usenix!office
                P.O. Box 2299
                Berkeley, CA  94710

     If you have technical questions, please contact Keith Bostic at:


Casey Leedom
Keith Bostic

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