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Subject: binary compatibility in 2.9BSD
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Date: Thu, 6-Feb-86 18:10:18 EST
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Posted: Thu Feb  6 18:10:18 1986
Date-Received: Sun, 9-Feb-86 04:51:15 EST
Organization: Center for Seismic Studies, Arlington, VA
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Keywords: 2.9BSD

Just a quick question in terms of where 2.9BSD is heading.  As we've brought
2.9BSD closer to 4.XBSD, we've had problems maintaining binary compatibility;
as you probably know, overlaid executables are already incompatible.  In the
next few months, as real 4.X networking and the tty driver get added, it's
going to become increasingly difficult.  If people are really going to attempt
to run old binaries, we want to allow it; if it doesn't really matter, we
don't want to go to the effort it would require.  Anyway, please send me some
e-mail and let me know how binary incompatibility would affect your site.

Thanks for the info.

Keith Bostic
	+1 703 276 7900

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