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Subject: 2.9 BSD BOF (BFD)
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Date: Tue, 15-Jan-85 12:10:32 EST
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Posted: Tue Jan 15 12:10:32 1985
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Organization: Center for Seismic Studies, Arlington, VA
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There will be a 2.9 BSD BOF at USENIX
on Thursday evening, the 24th, from 7-9.

What I'm personally interested in:

	-- How do we get all of the fixes that are floating around

	-- Will Berkeley ever do a 3.0, and if not, can we take a
	   version that has the basic networking kernal running
	   and have them distribute it rather than the current release?

	-- Does anybody feel like porting the 4.2 networking to 2.9?

	-- Various bug fixes and random flammage on how to get the
	   talk program working.

Special Events:

	-- There will be prizes for the longest and shortest time taken
	   to find the mapping bug in machdep.c.  (Figured, of course,
	   from the first "trap type 11" when you attempted to boot.)

	-- There will be two doorprizes of fixed param.h's, allowing you
	   to compile the *entire* networking code!

So...	if you have the answers to these (or any other) questions...
	if you have some questions of your own...
	if you just want to talk about 2.9...
	if you have a younger sister named Cheryl Tiegs...

drop on by!

		Keith Bostic
			ARPA: keith@seismo 
			UUCP: seismo!keith

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