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Subject: ULTRIX 32 info needed
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Date: Thu, 18-Oct-84 22:13:55 EDT
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Posted: Thu Oct 18 22:13:55 1984
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I would like to hear some comments on ULTRIX, DEC's supported version
of 4.2BSD, especially from people who have used it themselves.  Have you
been happy with its performance?  How easy is it to reconfigure the
binary-only distribution?  How are its software support plans?  Does
DEC keep up with the bugs reported here and at Berkeley?

As you might guess, it is next to impossible to get any answers from
our salesman, who knows no more now about UNIX from DEC than he did
about UNIX from Bell Labs five years ago.  Some software manager at
DEC called me on the urging of my salesman, but when I asked these
"hard questions" (?) he blanched (or the aural equivalent) and promised
to get back to me.  I haven't heard anything yet, two weeks later.
/Steve Dyer

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From: falc...@erlang.DEC (Joe Falcone, HLO2-3/N03, dtn 225-6059)
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Subject: Re: ULTRIX 32 info needed
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Date: Thu, 25-Oct-84 10:51:05 EDT
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Being both on the inside of Digital and a user of both field test and
production versions of ULTRIX, I'd like to set the record straight on
a few points.  The following are a few facts based on the ULTRIX 
distributions I've received and my personal opinions.

1. Non-DEC devices are not "stripped-out" of ULTRIX; the drivers are
   still supplied, but are not supported as part of the service contract.
   The manual pages for certain commands and devices have warnings that
   they are not supported by Digital.  Nevertheless, you get both the code
   and the manual pages, just like in the 4.2BSD distribution.

2. I have been extremely impressed with the way the ULTRIX group tracks
   net.bugs and net.sources.  When the customer release arrived I was 
   pleasantly surprised to find many of the commands I had taken from
   net.sources and the Berkeley "extra stuff" tape already installed in
   working order on /usr/new, etc.  This tracking saves me time that could
   be better spent (in my case especially, since I am supposed to be spending
   my time on things other than system support).

3. The distribution came up with no problems over 2 versions on 4 different
   VAX configurations on our site.  This is the first time in my 8 year
   association with UN$X that I have seen a distribution come up without
   glitches.  I personally did three of the installations and was surprised 
   at how painless it was both starting from scratch or upgrading from 4.1C.

A perspective on me: I don't enjoy playing system manager, so a supported 4.2
is the greatest thing since sliced bread for me.  I've been a user of Digital
machines and UN$X for many years now, and its nice to be able to have one's
cake (UN$X) and eat it too (with SUPPORT).  My bug fixing days are over.

A relieved Joe Falcone
Eastern Research Laboratory		decwrl!
Digital Equipment Corporation		decvax!deccra!jrf
Hudson, Massachusetts			tardis!

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