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Date: Thu, 26-Apr-84 22:16:48 EDT
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Posted: Thu Apr 26 22:16:48 1984
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	The following is a list of two-line descriptions of the bugs
	processed by Mt Xinu.  The first line gives the offending
	program or source file and source directory (separated by --),
	who submitted the bug, when, and whether or not it contained
	a proposed fix.  The second line is a VERY short description
	of the problem.

	Important general information and disclaimers about this and
	other lists is appended at the end of the list...

adb/runpcs.c--bin          rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   18 Nov 83   +FIX
	arguments to :r losing first character
ar.c--bin                           salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   10 Feb 84   +FIX
	usr/group ids overflowing
arff.c--etc                         salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   17 Nov 83   +FIX
	RT-11 files can't be read
as.c--bin                           cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   6 Jun 83   
	large structs not handled by the assembler
atrun.c--usr.lib            hpda!hpdsd!hpdsa!mojo (Joe Moran)   14 Feb 84   +FIX
	multiple group permissions not handled
awk--bin                           sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   9 Dec 83    +FIX
	doesn't allow replacing fields
c2/c21.c--lib                     root.Oregon-Grad@Rand-Relay   4 Nov 83   
	optimizer type casting being missed for bit masking
catman--etc                   ucsfcgl!blia!eric (Eric Allman)   22 Feb 84   +FIX
	won't produce local manual with "l" argument
cc--bin                     Mike Braca    27 Sep 83  
	bit fields inconsistently treats unsigneds
cc--usr.lib                     edh...@randvax.ARPA (Ed Hall)   11 Jan 84   +FIX
	casting op= operations loses precision on floats
cc--bin       mazama!thor (Jeff Thorson)    20 Feb 84  
	relational operators on floating arrays get wrong results
cc--bin                       Preston Mullen    12 May 83  
	unsigned modulo arithmetic done wrong
changes.4-81--man                                 ogcvax!root   Jun 24 83   +FIX
	typos, etc.
compact--ucb                                      allegra!rdg   Jul 2 83    +FIX
	can't handle large files
compact--ucb                Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	can't handle long filenames
compat--games                       salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   7 Dec 83   
	not complete, environment passed wrong
config--etc                      watrose!arwhite (Alex White)   14 Dec 83   +FIX
	doesn't understand wildcarded unibus drivenames
cp--bin                     Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	doesn't close files on error, fills up file table
cpp/cpp.c--lib    Spencer W. Thomas     27 Apr 83   +FIX
	misses some lines in line numbering
creat--man                     Jay Lepreau     25 Apr 83   +FIX
	stated usefullness for locking a lie
cribbage--games                   smith@wisc-rsch (Jim Smith)   7 Dec 83   
	flushes are not counted
csh--bin                      leblanc@ucbdali (Emile LeBlanc)   15 Mar 84  
	history with - arguments hangs
csh--bin                           edjames@ucbcory (Ed James)   5 Oct 83   
	if-then interactive doesn't do anything
csh--bin                               ralph (Ralph Campbell)   23 May 83  
	piped/background sleep doesn't run in background
csh--bin                               ralph (Ralph Campbell)   25 May 83  
	quietly quits on unreadable ".."
csh--bin                               csuf!...@trw-unix.UUCP   19 May 83  
	switch doesn't allow fall-throughs, requires "breaksw"
csh/sh.glob.c--bin       Christopher A Kent    17 Oct 83   +FIX
	glob expansion fails on non-standard histchars
ctags--ucb                     steveg@ucbic (Steve Greenberg)   18 Oct 83  
	meta-characters are not escaped
ctype.h(3)--man                sjk@SRIJOYCE (Scott J. Kramer)   16 Jun 83   +FIX
	isprint inconsistency
curses/cr_tty.c--usr.lib            cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   19 Jul 83   +FIX
	"tspace" too small for complex terminals
dbx--ucb                               ucbvax!decwrl!goldberg   Jun 8 83   
	definitions of variables in blocks are lost
dbx--ucb                               ucbvax!decwrl!goldberg   Jun 13 83  
	doesn't allow input of double precision numbers
dbx--ucb                               ucbvax!decwrl!goldberg   Jun 8 83   
	external definitions not recognised
dbx--ucb                               ucbvax!decwrl!goldberg   Jun 17 83  
	missed breakpoint
dbx--ucb                               ucbvax!decwrl!goldberg   Jun 4 83   
	should mark binaries busy
dbx--ucb                               ucbvax!decwrl!goldberg   Jun 27 83  
	thrashing apon exiting program with large data space
dbx/object.c--ucb                  sam@ucbmonet (Sam Leffler)   22 Oct 83   +FIX
	blows up with enumerated types
dd.c--bin               hpda!hpdsd!hpdsa!eric (Eric B. Wertz)   23 Mar 84   +FIX
	using same filename not noticed
df.c--bin                           Jeff Mogul    1 Feb 84    +FIX
	offline disk kills df
dict/words--misc                             arnold@UCBINGRES   28 Apr 83   +FIX
	misspelled words
diff/diffdir.c--bin                   gray@ucbarpa (Bob Gray)   27 Jan 84   +FIX
	doesn't diff ".*" files
dmesg.c--etc                             sdcsvax!sdchema!donn   29 Jan 84   +FIX
	the - flag does nothing without msgbuf file
dump--etc                  g...@UCBTOPAZ.CC (Genji Schmeder)   13 Oct 83  
	rmtopen return value inconsistent
dump--etc                     d...@ucbopal.CC (David L Wasley)   2 Mar 84    +FIX
	truncates the inode bitmap
dump/dump.h--etc           g...@UCBTOPAZ.CC (Genji Schmeder)   9 Oct 83    +FIX
	return codes inconsistent
dump/dumpitime.c--etc              sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   12 Sep 83   +FIX
	message about level leaves out number
dump/dumpoptr.c--etc                              allegra!rdg   Jul 2 83    +FIX
	mishandles filesystem names prefixing filesystems
dump/dumptape.c--etc      Dave Johnson    11 Oct 83   +FIX
	tape length poorly estimated
dumpmain.c--etc                   root.Oregon-Grad@Rand-Relay   17 Aug 83   +FIX
	number of tapes poorly estimated
efl--usr.bin                Vincent Broman    16 Feb 84   +FIX
	using its own calloc, which doesn't work with stdio
error--ucb                        mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   19 Jan 84  
	-t suffix touch list sometimes ignored
explain--bin                              egg...@ucsbcsl.UUCP   13 Jan 83   +FIX
	creates unneeded temp file, possibly in RO directory
f77--usr.bin                allegra!astrovax!gam (Gary Mamon)   19 Mar 84  
	exponentiation inside sum list done wrong
f77--usr.bin                 j...@ucbopal.CC (Jerry Berkman)   29 Feb 84  
	exponentiation problem
f77--usr.bin                 j...@ucbopal.CC (Jerry Berkman)   7 Dec 83   
	include file declarations cause unexplained compiler error
f77--usr.bin           allegra!astrovax!trq (Thomas R. Quinn)   18 Mar 84  
	parameter values cause wrong expression evaluation
f77--usr.bin                 j...@ucbopal.CC (Jerry Berkman)   28 Feb 84  
	statment functions and arrays conflict
f77--usr.bin                      leres@ucbarpa (Craig Leres)   6 Nov 83   
	unexplained compiler error when using optimizer
f77/src/f2--usr.bin        ucsfcgl!ucsfcgl!gregc (Greg Couch)   3 Nov 83   
	unexplained optimizer infinite loop
f77/src/f77pass1/exec.c--usr.bin      sdcsvax!sdchema!donn ()   23 Nov 83   +FIX
	DO loop parameters lost
f77/src/f77pass1/regalloc.c--usr.bin  sdcsvax!sdchema!donn ()   23 Nov 83   +FIX
	computed GOTO causes core dump
f77/src/f77pass1/regalloc.c--usr.bin     sdcsvax!sdchema!donn   23 Nov 83   +FIX
	optimizer adding redundant code
f77/src/f77pass1/regalloc.c--usr.bin     sdcsvax!sdchema!donn   27 Nov 83   +FIX
	registered reals not allowed
fed--ucb                      hpda!hpdsd!edmund (Ed Trujillo)   7 Mar 84   
	bad system call/core dump
find.c--usr.bin                sjk@sri-spam (Scott J. Kramer)   5 Dec 83    +FIX
	doesn't recognize sockets
fp/fpMain.l--ucb                 baden@ucbmonet (Scott Baden)   9 Oct 83    +FIX
	incompatible system calls causing core dumps
ftp--ucb                            Mike Muuss    8 Sep 83   
	connections using wrong address
ftp--ucb                                        jbn@FORD-WDL1   26 May 83  
	passive open doesn't follow consistent protocol
ftp--ucb   Chris Torek    2 Mar 84   
	remote cwd doesn't work
ftp/cmds.c--ucb                     Jeff Mogul    20 Mar 84   +FIX
	globbed files not handled
ftp/getpass.c--ucb         rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   31 Jan 84   +FIX
	password truncating to eight characters
ftpd.c--etc              Christopher A Kent    13 Jan 84   +FIX
	last logins log not updated in some cases
ftpd/ftpd.c--etc                    bloom@ucbcory (Jim Bloom)   20 Sep 83   +FIX
	null passwords security breach
getgroups.2--man            Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
getgroups.2--man                lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   27 Oct 83   +FIX
getitimer.2--man                   Chris Kent    24 Jul 83   +FIX
	update needed
getrlimit.2--man            Mike Braca    3 Oct 83    +FIX
gettable.c--etc           j...@ut-sally.ARPA (John Quarterman)   12 Feb 84   +FIX
	updating host table via version number
gettable.c--etc                     salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   17 Nov 83   +FIX
	using nicname instead of hostname
groups.2--man                                           ralph   23 Mar 83   +FIX
	reference to setgroup
h/un.h--sys                 spg...@ucbopal.CC (Greg Minshall)   31 Jan 84   +FIX
	bind passing wrong-sized structure
ifconfig.c--etc                           sun!pugs (Tom Lyon)   1 Nov 83    +FIX
	arp flag, flags trashed after hostname
ifconfig.c--etc                 lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   5 Nov 83    +FIX
	arp flag, flags trashed after hostname, update
init.c--etc                              allegra!astrovax!wls   Jun 25 83   +FIX
	race condition for HUP signal and simultaneous logout
iostat.c--usr.bin                 mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   22 Mar 84   +FIX
	doesn't see external/internal clock speed differences
last.c--ucb                    Jay Lepreau     25 Nov 83   +FIX
	remote last doesn't flush message apon quit
lastcomm.c--ucb                                     sun!Jskud   29 Nov 83   +FIX
	uses whole blocks, can miss recent commands
ld--bin          decvax!ubc-vision!sfucmpt!kurn (Andrew Kurn)   28 Feb 84   +FIX
	load map doesn't include files that only define storage
learn--bin                 wjcheng@ucbernie (Wunjei J. Cheng)   18 Dec 83  
	can't specify user directory or subject
learn/copy.c--usr.bin                     ihnp4!cmcl2!rna!dan   18 Feb 84   +FIX
	^D causes infinite loop / Init not executable
lex--usr.bin                      mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   2 Feb 84    +FIX
	manual gives wrong meaning for . inside []
lib.b--usr.lib              Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	scripts invoking (by non-specifying) the wrong shell
libI77/err.c--usr.lib        d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   28 Oct 83   +FIX
	fortran programs won't dump core
libI77/ioinit.f--usr.lib                 sdcsvax!sdchema!donn   23 Feb 84   +FIX
	uses a run-time library not available to it
libI77/sfe.c--usr.lib        d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   30 Oct 83   +FIX
	x format returns error on short input lines
lib[FU]77/signal_.c--usr.lib      quarles@ucbic (Tom Quarles)   13 Oct 83   +FIX
	fortran signal not compatible with 4.2
libc/gen/alarm.c--lib              sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   21 Mar 84   +FIX
	alarm can truncate pending alarms
libc/gen/crypt.c--lib                    cooper (Eric Cooper)   9 Oct 83    +FIX
	calling DES crypt routines doesn't work
libc/gen/ctime.c--lib      solomon@wisc-crys (Marvin Solomon)   4 Jan 84    +FIX
	ctime(0) produces garbage
libc/gen/getwd.c--lib       Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	getwd doesn't follow symbolic links
libc/gen/popen.c--lib             dlw@ucbmonet (David Wasley)   12 Aug 83   +FIX
	closes good file descriptors
libc/gen/scandir.c--lib         Jay Lepreau    29 Nov 83   +FIX
	repeatedly (needlessly) calls realloc
libc/gen/syslog.c--lib         Marshall Rose    18 Jan 84   +FIX
	format string with % escapes doesn't work
libc/stdio/fopen.c--lib                ralph (Ralph Campbell)   25 May 83   +FIX
	full file table handled wrong
libc/stdio/fputs.c--lib     Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	given zero length string returns garbage
libc/vax/gen/bcopy.s--lib       lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   7 Sep 83    +FIX
	comment in source file wrong/misleading
libdbm/Makefile--usr.lib       sjk@sri-spam (Scott J. Kramer)   11 Nov 83   +FIX
	doesn't use -c option to compile libdbm.a
libplot--usr.lib                   sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   5 Sep 83    +FIX
	library terminal names inconsistent with filters
lint--usr.bin                                     allegra!rdg   Jul 4 83   
	(-h) doesn't detect constant assignments in conditional
lint--usr.bin                               ellis @ tektronix   Jun 20 83   +FIX
	command-line options mishandled
lint/llib-lc--usr.bin         ucsfcgl!blia!eric (Eric Allman)   9 Feb 84    +FIX
	longjmp declared wrong in library
lisp--ucb                                  j...@FORD-WDL1.ARPA   1 Mar 84   
	in maclisp there are two DEFCONSTs defined differently
lisp/Makefile--ucb              lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   14 Nov 83   +FIX
	doesn't pass on MFLAGS
lisp/franz--ucb                            j...@FORD-WDL1.ARPA   6 Mar 84   
	mis-handles atom names starting with digits
lisp/franz/lam7.c--ucb        pur-ee!malcolm (Malcolm Slaney)   18 Jan 84   +FIX
	doesn't close pipes for child processes
lisp/franz/vax--ucb                 salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   9 Dec 83    +FIX
	rawhlist won't compile
lock.c--ucb                   hpda!hpdsd!edmund (Ed Trujillo)   7 Mar 84    +FIX
	typing ^D puts it into infinite loop
login.c--bin                                 m...@cbosgd.UUCP   6 Jan 83    +FIX
	argument to ioctl is wrong type
lpr--usr.lib                       sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   19 Dec 83  
	host names not preserved between gateways
lpr/printjob.c--usr.lib              dagobah!efo (Eben Ostby)   17 Nov 83   +FIX
	information fields too small, cause lpd coredump
ls.c--bin                    d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	speed-up of user name searching
ls.c--bin                                           sun!Jskud   21 Nov 83   +FIX
	symbolic links and -F and -l not combined well
mail--ucb                                      mayo@UCBCALDER   7 Aug 83   
	replies change address `user@system' to `system:user'
mail.c--bin                                       cbosgd!mark   Jun 4 83    +FIX
	race condition in writing mail file
mail/cmd3.c--ucb    s...@ut-sally.ARPA (Smoot Carl-Mitchell)   27 Jan 84   +FIX
	replies figured out wrong
make--bin                         quarles@ucbic (Tom Quarles)   19 Mar 84   +FIX
	loses file descriptors for large programs
makefile--sys                                     allegra!rdg   Jul 19 83  
	#ifdefs missed when "depend" is makes dependency list
makefile--sys        Chris Kent    18 Jul 83  
	won't correctly build bootrl
man.c--ucb          s...@ut-sally.ARPA (Smoot Carl-Mitchell)   15 Dec 83   +FIX
	improved searching of local man directories
man.c--ucb                                  c...@ut-ngp.ARPA   2 Feb 84    +FIX
	mishandling of job control (leaving phantom processes)
man.c--ucb                   d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   1 Feb 84    +FIX
	not using cat file for non-ttys / messy (-h) nroffing
mh--local                                    cak (Chris Kent)   12 Aug 83  
	loses mail on full mailbox
mh/cmds/prompter.c--new    rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   21 Nov 83   +FIX
	doesn't prompt for To, Cc, and Subject
mh/cmds/replsubs.c--new        sjk@sri-spam (Scott J. Kramer)   15 Dec 83   +FIX
	puts spaces around `@'
more.c--ucb                  d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   31 Jan 84   +FIX
	glitches on terminals with funny "standout mode"
msgs.c--ucb                         sam@ucbarpa (Sam Leffler)   2 Sep 83   
	msgs -p can be killed by more
mt.c--bin                  g...@UCBTOPAZ.CC (Genji Schmeder)   30 Sep 83   +FIX
	given no operation, it writes a tapemark
net/if.c--sys               Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	in ubareset network drivers called with wrong # of args
net/raw_usrreq.c--sys      rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   21 Mar 84   +FIX
	when freeing a route, doesn't zero pointer
net/route.c--sys           rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   22 Nov 83  
	redirects are treated as the wrong type
netinet/if_ether.c--sys  Christopher A Kent    8 Jan 84    +FIX
	can't force local ethernet traffic to wire
netinet/if_ether.c--sys             salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   2 Dec 83    +FIX
	packet length wrong
netinet/in_pcb.c--sys            watmath!arwhite (Alex White)   17 Feb 84  
	freeing a free socket
netinet/ip_icmp.c--sys              Jeff Mogul    27 Feb 84   +FIX
	fragmented packet causes dangling pointer
netinet/ip_icmp.c--sys     rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   1 Dec 83    +FIX
	look for headers in multiple mbufs (fragmented packet, see sys/109)
netinet/ip_icmp.c--sys      Michael John Muuss    14 Dec 83   +FIX
	ping packets lost - wrong format ID field
netinet/ip_output.c--sys     Bill Croft    27 Oct 83   +FIX
	not working on manual route
netinet/ip_output.c,net/route.c--sys              Paul Kirton   5 Dec 83    +FIX
	changes in route table not noticed
netinet/raw_ip.c--sys                             lwa@MIT-CSR   30 Nov 83   +FIX
	large packets get rejected for raw internet
netinet/tcp_input.c--sys   rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   7 Nov 83    +FIX
	code change - not a bug
netinet/tcp_input.c--sys    spg...@ucbopal.CC (Greg Minshall)   9 Feb 84    +FIX
	connections hang in FIN_WAIT_2 upon disconnect
netinet/tcp_output.c--sys  rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   7 Nov 83    +FIX
	code change - not a bug
netinet/tcp_subr.c--sys  Christopher A Kent    2 Dec 83    +FIX
	maximum segment default set wrong
netinet/tcp_{input,output,subr}.c--sys     Christopher A Kent   21 Mar 84   +FIX
	max seg size calculations wrong
netinet/tcp_{input,output,subr}.c--sys      gilligan@sri-spam   7 Dec 83    +FIX
	max seg size calculations wrong
netinet/udp_usrreq.c--sys  rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	UDP checksums not used/don't work
netser/misc/rexecd.c--ucb         root.Oregon-Grad@Rand-Relay   17 Aug 83   +FIX
	TERM not set in passed environment
netser/rwho/{ruptime.c,rwho.c,rwhod.c}--ucb       ogcvax!root   Sep 8 83   
	integers not in network byte order
netser/rwho/{ruptime.c,rwho.c}--ucb     ogcvax!root.tektronix   Sep 19 83  
	handling argv, passes 0 string pointer to strcmp
nroff/n1.c,n4.c--usr.bin                  s...@ut-sally.ARPA   9 Jan 84    +FIX
	additions/changes for mm macro compatibility
pascal/pi--ucb                      emory!km (Ken Mandelberg)   3 Feb 84   
	real reads create "bad address" error from pix
pascal/utilities/config.c--ucb          ogcvax!root.tektronix   Oct 7 83   
	linked to non-existent file
pascal/utilities/pc.c--ucb                  raphael@wisc-crys   14 Feb 84  
	request for debugging feature                       cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   1 Jul 83   
	in large case, lpr tries to create filenames with non-ascii characters
prof.c--usr.bin                        ralph (Ralph Campbell)   25 Apr 83   +FIX
	ignores the -z option when generating plot
pstat.c,ps.c--etc                watmath!arwhite (Alex White)   17 Feb 84   +FIX
	-k option doesn't work with address translation
rcp--ucb                                       mayo@UCBCALDER   10 Aug 83  
	`protocol screwup' message appears using globbed files
rcp.c--ucb                 rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   3 Jan 84    +FIX
	3rd party copies don't follow expected equivalence
rcp.c--ucb                      mlgray@ucbcory (Mary L. Gray)   11 Feb 84   +FIX
	creates file in / when user doesn't have permissions
rcs/{ci.c,rcsgen.c}--new        lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   19 Oct 83   +FIX
	trying to ci multiple files fails on second log message
reboot.8--man                       cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   19 Jun 83  
	no mention of front panel switch settings on 750s
refer--usr.bin                  mls@wisc-crys (Michael Scott)   17 Jan 84   +FIX
	footnotes sorted wrong on duplicate entries of a reference
refer--usr.bin                    mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   11 Feb 84   +FIX
	interpolated signals make non-ascii suffix characters
refer--usr.bin                  mls@wisc-crys (Michael Scott)   17 Jan 84   +FIX
	sorting by author ignores %Q field
refer/addbib.c--usr.bin             salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   17 Nov 83   +FIX
	^D after abstract causes infinite loop
renice--man                   ouster@ucbkim (John Ousterhout)   11 Sep 83   +FIX
	arguments list switched
restor--etc                              b...@Rochester.ARPA   5 Jul 83    +FIX
	if tape has inconsistend file length, restore can't read it
restor/restor.c--etc         ogcvax!root.tektronix@Rand-Relay   Oct 7 83   
	using t and s option causes file extraction
restore--etc                  d...@ucbopal.CC (David L Wasley)   1 Mar 84    +FIX
	incorrectly infers number of inodes
restore/restore.c--etc      mckusick@ucbmonet (Kirk Mckusick)   22 Mar 84   +FIX
	multi-reel sometimes loses list of files
restore/tape.c--etc          mckusick@ucbarpa (Kirk Mckusick)   7 Jan 84    +FIX
	restarting using R option causes core dump
rlogind.c--etc                 watrose!srradia (sanjay Radia)   24 Nov 83   +FIX
	wrong byte order conversionroutine used
rogue--games   mazama!paul (Paul Fowler)    22 Mar 84  
	various problems drop user into shell
ruptime.c--ucb              g...@ucbopal.CC (Genji Schmeder)   14 Nov 83  
	code for working directory is misleading
rwhod/rwhod.c--etc        j...@ut-sally.ARPA (John Quarterman)   6 Dec 83    +FIX
	can't use dashes in host-name
rwhod/rwhod.c--etc                  salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   6 Mar 84    +FIX
	datagram packets not sent over point-to-point line
sa.c--etc                            munnari@kre (Robert Elz)   14 Oct 83  
	-u option produces rubbish, as does AFORKed commands
sa.c--etc                            dagobah!efo (Eben Ostby)   7 Dec 83   
	truncating times to seconds loses valuable information
script.c--ucb                     mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   15 Feb 84  
	(pseudo tty driver?) not handling ^S/^Q handshake
script.c--ucb                d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	doesn't support parity, RETURNS not stripped
see--ucb             ogcvax!r...@teklabs.UUCP (Bruce Jerrick)   27 Apr 83   +FIX
	not invoking correct shell
select,getitimer,setitimer--man     cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   24 Aug 83   +FIX
	should reference each other
sendbug--ucb                      mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   9 Feb 84   
	no `clean' entry in makefile
sendbug/bugfiler.c--ucb        sjk@sri-spam (Scott J. Kramer)   7 Dec 83   
	won't accept 3 arguments
sendbug/                 hpda!hpdsd!hpdsa!eric   22 Mar 84   +FIX
	doesn't interrogate editor shell variable
sendmail--usr.lib                      root@BERKELEY (Fluke )   5 Dec 83    +FIX
	concurrent alias database updating produces garbage
sendmail--usr.lib                 mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   11 Jan 84  
	duplicate copies of source make changes difficult
sendmail--usr.lib                    Yoon Kim    13 Feb 84  
	segmentation fault apon using option
sendmail/aux/syslog.c--usr.lib           decvax!dartlib!steve   30 Nov 83  
	time mark only generated with -d option
sendmail/src/collect.c--usr.lib     salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	EOF before newline causes infinite loop
sendmail/src/collect.c--usr.lib                  Bill Nowicki   12 Mar 84   +FIX
	returns message each time TCP times-out
sendmail/src/conf.c--usr.lib  r...@ucbopal.CC ( l'Innommable )   20 Mar 84   +FIX
	frozen config file values QueueLA and RefuseLA ignored
sendmail/src/parseaddr.c--usr.lib          pur-ee!Physics:crl   24 Feb 84  
	some debug output is always produced
sendmail/src/srvrsmtp.c--usr.lib               Larry Peterson   12 Dec 83   +FIX
	alias references filing for same machine
sendmail/src/srvrsmtp.c--usr.lib           pur-ee!Physics:crl   24 Feb 84   +FIX
	variable "WizWord" #ifdef'd out
sendmail/src/{deliver,srvrsmtp}.c--usr.lib      root@BERKELEY   5 Dec 83    +FIX
	dropping mail from Berknet
setreuid--man                Spencer Thomas     22 Jan 84   +FIX
	who can change ID of process stated wrong
sh--bin                                              jdb@s1-c   12 Mar 84  
	setuid root shell scripts can give root shell to anyone
sigvec.2--man                   lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   7 Nov 83   
	parameter description missing
socket.2--man                      Chris Kent    10 Jun 83  
	missing documentation
stand/boot.c?--sys                 Chris Kent    15 Jun 83   +FIX
	boot doesn't follow symbolic links
stand/hp.c--sys                    mazama!thor (Jeff Thorson)   10 Mar 84   +FIX
	can't boot from eagle drive (on mba{123})
struct--usr.bin                   mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   12 Jan 84   +FIX
	doesn't work under csh
su.1--man                        jeff@BERKELEY (Jeff Stearns)   10 Dec 83  
	options not mentioned in manual
swapon.c--etc           decvax!dartlib!steve (Steve Campbell)   28 Nov 83   +FIX
	error message calls printf wrong
sys--sys                          Doug Kingston    29 Sep 83  
	kernel doesn't clear exclusive open locks
sys--sys                            Jeff Mogul    13 Dec 83  
	mysterious file disappearance from iput()
sys--sys                                       mayo@ucbrenoir   2 Feb 84   
	signal calls mixed with ioctl calls cause process hang
sys/init_main.c--sys        Mike Braca    3 Oct 83    +FIX
	stack size hard limit intiallized to wrong value
sys/kern_acct.c,etc/sa.c--sys       watrose!root (Alex White)   2 Dec 83    +FIX
	acct & sa don't use same time units
sys/kern_clock.c--sys                        trw-unix!gorlick   3 Jun 83    +FIX
	"getrusage" doesn't average clock ticks
sys/kern_clock.c--sys              Chris Kent    9 Jun 83   
	undefined symbol "IUR" for VAX730 config
sys/kern_descrip.c--sys  decvax!uthub!thomson (Brian Thomson)   13 Feb 84   +FIX
	closing closed files references unused inodes
sys/kern_descrip.c--sys             salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   27 Jan 84   +FIX
	function fcntl returns wrong error number
sys/kern_exit.c--sys       rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   17 Nov 83  
	wait not checking for zero rusage pointer, not sending EFAULT
sys/kern_resource.c--sys    Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	"unlimit" returns error
sys/kern_sig.c--sys                sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   5 Sep 83    +FIX
	"kill -0" returns wrong error code if uid is wrong
sys/kern_sig.c--sys                 Mike Muuss    13 Jan 84   +FIX
	signal handling changes, 4.1-4.2, changed back
sys/kern_time.c--sys                salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   10 Mar 84   +FIX
	time zone is ignored in settimeofday
sys/pty.c--sys            Spencer W. Thomas     26 Jul 83   +FIX
	long writes to PTY controller can lose characters
sys/socket--sys   Spencer W. Thomas     16 Aug 83  
	write to pipe with bad buffer returns wrong error code
sys/sys_generic.c--sys     rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   25 Feb 84   +FIX
	stopping program waiting in select messes up select
sys/sys_xxx.c--sys                  cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   29 Jul 83   +FIX
	bad accounting suspension condition calculation
sys/tty.c--sys              Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	^S and ^Q not working in TANDEM mode
sys/tty.c--sys              Michael John Muuss    15 Dec 83   +FIX
	sign bit extension affects bits in TIOCLSET call
sys/tty.c,tty_subr.c,vaxuba/dz.c--sys          koda@hobgoblin   22 Feb 84   +FIX
	3Com interface causing timing problems
sys/tty_pty.c--sys                  Web Dove    21 Feb 84  
	not expanding timing characters for remote links
sys/tty_tb.c--sys                  dagobah!bill (Bill Reeves)   13 Sep 83   +FIX
	tablets keep "inuse" state after being closed
sys/ufs_alloc.c--sys              decvax!jmcg (Jim McGinness)   6 Feb 84    +FIX
	cylinder group allocation bug causes hung system
sys/ufs_nami.c?--sys               Chris Kent    28 Jun 83  
	creat calls in uucp are failing
sys/ufs_syscalls.c--sys          watmath!arwhite (Alex White)   8 Feb 84    +FIX
	copen() call for FTRUNC doesn't check permissions
sys/ufs_syscalls.c--sys           mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   10 Jan 84   +FIX
	lseek returns wrong value, EINVAL
sys/uipc_socket.c--sys            sdcsvax!sdccsu3!madden@Nosc   7 Nov 83    +FIX
	infinite loop by killing socket with pending condition
sys/uipc_socket.c--sys      Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	large writes to pipe causes panic
sys/uipc_socket2.c--sys    g...@UCBTOPAZ.CC (Genji Schmeder)   14 Oct 83  
	large network buffer causing "sbflush 2" panic
sys/uipc_usrreq.c--sys                 ralph (Ralph Campbell)   12 Sep 83   +FIX
	multiple file descriptors to "message" handled wrong
sys/uipc_usrreq.c--sys           watmath!arwhite (Alex White)   23 Jan 84  
	panic in mfree on recieving message with MSG_OOB set
sys/uipc_usrreq.c--sys           watmath!arwhite (Alex White)   20 Feb 84   +FIX
	running out of mbufs causes panic
sys/uipc_usrreq.c--sys      spg...@ucbopal.CC (Greg Minshall)   31 Jan 84  
	using connect() for data grams gives error
sys/various.c--sys                  kre@ucbmonet (Robert Elz)   21 Oct 83   +FIX
	fix for inode counts getting < 0
sys/vm_mem.c--sys          rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   7 Nov 83    +FIX
	large partitions get block number sign-extended
sys/vmpage.c--sys                                       ralph   Jun 12 83   +FIX
	raw dma write from user area can hang system
sys/vmsched.c--sys        Spencer W. Thomas     4 Aug 83    +FIX
	vmtotal() computes memory usage wrong
sys_inode.c--sys                     dagobah!efo (Eben Ostby)   17 Nov 83  
	processes waiting for "flock" will hang if any is killed
syslog.c--lib            Christopher A Kent    11 Jan 84   +FIX
	syslog in C library not complete for datagrams
talk--local                          char@ucbkim (Bruce Char)   8 Sep 83   
	illegal instruction if callee doesn't respond
talk.1--man                     jimbo@ucbmonet (Jim Kleckner)   17 Oct 83   +FIX
tar.c--bin                    ucbtopaz:genji (Genji Schmeder)   Sep 20 83   +FIX
	may ignore fact that directory is unreadable
tcp--sys                                   j...@FORD-WDL1.ARPA   27 Jan 84  
	retransmits too often - not conforming to its specs
telnet.c--etc              rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   17 Jan 84   +FIX
	"Are You There?" response to pty instead of network
telnet.c--ucb                                     lwa@MIT-CSR   23 Nov 83   +FIX
	not producing LF with CR
telnetd.c--etc               Bill Croft    16 Nov 83   +FIX
	dropping bytes, putting tty in RAW, writes to cloded files
termcap--etc                  Christopher A Kent    28 Mar 83   +FIX
	Adds entry not using scroll mode
termcap--etc                        cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   21 Sep 83   +FIX
	error in cs entry for vt100
termcap--etc                      mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   12 Jan 84   +FIX
	gigi terminal not supported
tftpd.c--etc                       sun!shannon (Bill Shannon)   7 Mar 84   
	doesn't check permissions on path to file
tip.c--usr.bin            ucsfcgl!ucsfcgl!tef (Thomas Ferrin)   3 Oct 83    +FIX
	doesn't detect loss of carrier
tip/cmds.c--usr.bin       ucsfcgl!ucsfcgl!tef (Thomas Ferrin)   3 Oct 83   
	FRAMSIZE > BUFSIZ causes core dump ~taking large file
tip/uucplock.c--usr.bin                lbl-csam!astrovax!matt   9 Jan 84   
	can't unlock its own files after change in UID
tip/{hunt,log}.c--usr.bin           salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   17 Nov 83   +FIX
	hangs if lin can't be openned, misplaced #ifdef's
tmac/                          Craig Stanfill   26 Jul 83   +FIX
	interference between .(x, .(z and .sh
tmac/          sjk@SRIJOYCE (Scott J. Kramer)   7 Jun 83    +FIX
	.DS macro not working
tp--bin      mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)    19 Feb 84   +FIX
	bus error from reallocated array
tset/tset.c--ucb                lepreau@utah-cs (Jay Lepreau)   18 Nov 83   +FIX
	not using terminal type from rlogin due to mapping
utimes.2--man                             teklabs!ogcvax!root   Jun 14 83   +FIX
	wrong include file listed
uucp/cico.c--usr.bin      ucsfcgl!ucsfcgl!tef (Thomas Ferrin)   3 Oct 83    +FIX
	uses old signal handling procedures
uucp/conn.c--usr.bin                 dagobah!efo (Eben Ostby)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	if write fails, a loop of failing writes is created
uucp/conn.c--usr.bin                salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	not able to transmit break for more than 1 second
uucp/uuencode.c--usr.bin     d...@ucbopal.CC (David L. Wasley)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	mode of file from pipe is encoded as zero
vax/autoconf.c--sys              decvax!mcvax!jim (Jim McKie)   14 Feb 84   +FIX
	uses the number of physical UBAs instead of configuration
vax/flp.c--sys                   watrose!arwhite (Alex White)   14 Dec 83   +FIX
	out-of-range sector request leaves busy bit set
vax/locore.s--sys          rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   7 Nov 83    +FIX
	magic number in assembly code calculated wrong
vax/machdep.c--sys            astrovax!wls (William L. Sebok)   5 Mar 84    +FIX
	a tbuf parity error causes unnecessary panic
vax/machdep.c--sys            astrovax!wls (William L. Sebok)   6 Mar 84    +FIX
	hard memory errors not detected/corrected
vax/machdep.c--sys                  salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   1 Dec 83    +FIX
	system memory size not computed correctly
vax/trap.c--sys            rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   17 Nov 83   +FIX
	interrupting wait3() with sleeping parent hangs
vax/trap.c--sys            rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   3 Jan 84   
	sigstack() is using wrong stack
vax/tu.c--sys                Bill Croft    12 Oct 83  
	tu_restart() is calling timeout() with bad argument
vaxif/if_ec.c--sys                  Jeff Mogul    13 Feb 84   +FIX
	loopback in 3Com ethernet driver doesn't work
vaxif/if_en.c--sys                  Jeff Mogul    27 Feb 84   +FIX
	byte-swapping done wrong on 3MB xerox ethernet driver
vaxif/if_il.c--sys              Jay Lepreau    13 May 83   +FIX
	after ubareset, packets get a "bad type field"
vaxif/if_uba.c--sys                 salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   13 Mar 84   +FIX
	2K packets won't get through network
vaxif/if_vv.c--sys         rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)   22 Nov 83   +FIX
	V2LNI driver doesn't broadcast or loopback correctly
vaxmba/hp.c--sys                  Doug Kingston    29 Sep 83  
	RM05's are improperly auto-config'd
vaxmba/hp.c--sys                    Mike Muuss    23 Aug 83   +FIX
	error in CDC 9775 partition table
vaxmba/ht.c--sys            d...@UCBTOPAZ.CC (David L. Wasley)   6 Aug 83    +FIX
	"UNS"afe flag being inadvertently set
vaxmba/mt.c--sys                  mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   6 Jan 84   
	TU78 driver can't do reverse reads / EOT happens early
vaxmba/mt.c--sys        decvax!dartvax!steve (Steve Campbell)   22 Feb 84  
	can't use two TM78 tape formatters
vaxuba/d[hz].c--sys                          jbc    15 Jun 83   +FIX
	IOCCDTR ioctl call not checking permissions
vaxuba/dh.c--sys                    salkind@nyu (Lou Salkind)   27 Jan 84   +FIX
	soft carrier flag and interrupt inadvertently clears carrier
vaxuba/dh.c--sys              astrovax!wls (William L. Sebok)   5 Mar 84    +FIX
	soft carrier flag disables DTR
vaxuba/dmf.c--sys      lbl-csam!astrovax!matt (Matt Crawford)   2 Feb 84   
	dmfprobe() doesn't check for actual device
vaxuba/dmf.c--sys      lbl-csam!astrovax!matt (Matt Crawford)   17 Jan 84  
	undefined variables compiling with DMFDMA option
vaxuba/dz.c--sys                    koda@hobgoblin (Jim Koda)   22 Feb 84   +FIX
	dztimer lowers IPL causing panic
vaxuba/uba.c--sys           Mike Braca    27 Sep 83   +FIX
	UBA reset causes panic
vaxuba/uda.c--sys      lbl-csam!astrovax!matt (Matt Crawford)   1 Dec 83    +FIX
	"set controller char" fails if disk unit 0 not present
vi--ucb                       ucsfcgl!blia!eric (Eric Allman)   16 Feb 84  
	.exrc "version" command gives duplicate version messages
vi--ucb                       hamachi@ucbkim (Gordon Hamachi)   19 Dec 83  
	:f command doesn't update file permissions
vi--ucb      (Raphael Finkel)   22 Mar 84  
	doesn't understand system error 62 (symbolic link cycle)
vi--ucb                                   leres (Craig Leres)   8 Dec 83   
	interrupt message getting into text
vi--ucb                                             ttang@Uci   Nov 1 83   
	numbered commands (eg 100^B) can cause core dump
vi/ex_vops2.c--ucb   sdcsvax!sdccsu3!madden@Nosc (Jim Madden)   2 Nov 83    +FIX
	put mishandles wrapmargin
vmstat.c--ucb                     mazama!stew (Stewart Levin)   22 Mar 84   +FIX
	doesn't see external/internal clock speed differences
vmstat.c--ucb                       cbosgd!mark (Mark Horton)   2 Jun 83    +FIX
	timer calculations wrong (60 vs 100 ticks/second)
vtroff--ucb                        jimbo@ucbic (Jim Kleckner)   11 Oct 83   +FIX
	handles "-" option wrong
which.csh--ucb     !garfield!andrew@BERKELEY (Andrew Draskoy)   17 Jan 84   +FIX
	doesn't see aliases
whois--man                j...@ut-sally.ARPA (John Quarterman)   12 Jan 84   +FIX
	no manual entry


MT XINU has completed the first round of summarizing known 4.2bsd
bug  reports.  This  is an ongoing effort; further summaries will

The current summary has been derived from  reports  submitted  to
4bsd-bugs@BERKELEY   (not   from   reports   submitted   only  to
net.bugs.4bsd, for example).  All reports on file at Berkeley  as
of 23 March 84 have been reviewed.

Bug lists now being distributed are essentially "raw".  No  judg-
ment  has  been passed as to whether the submitted bug is real or
not or whether it has been fixed. Only minimal editing  has  been
done  to produce a manageable list.  Reports which are complaints
(rather than bug reports) have been eliminated;  obscenities  and
content-free  flames  have  been  eliminated; and duplicates have
been combined.  The resulting collection contains over 300 bugs.

Three versions of the list are now ready for distribution:

     Two lines per bug, including a concise description, the  af-
     fected  module,  the  submittor. Approximately 42K bytes, it
     was distributed to net.sources on 24 April 84.

     The 2-Liner + approximately a paragraph of  description  per
     bug.    About   200K   bytes,  it  will  be  distributed  to
     net.sources in chunks of about 50K bytes around 1 May 84.

The Public Collection:
     All our material, except that all but the most  inocuous  of
     source  material  has been removed to meet AT&T license res-
     trictions.  Hundreds of K bytes, this will be distributed to
     net.sources in several 50K byte pieces during May 84.

Please note that local usenet size restrictions may prevent large
files from being received and/or retransmitted.  MT XINU will not
dump this material on the net a second time; if your site has not
received  material  of  interest to you within a reasonable time,
please send for a paper copy.

If you want a paper copy of the three lists, send mail to:
        MT XINU
        739 Allston Way
        Berkeley CA 94710

        attn: buglist

or electronic mail to:


                    --FOR SOURCE LICENSEES--

Holders of source licenses for 32V, System II or System V can ob-
tain  a  tape  containing  all  the  material, including proposed
source fixes where such were submitted.  Once again, MT XINU  has
not  evaluated,  tested or passed judgment on proposed fixes; all
we have done is organize the collection and eliminate obvious ir-
relevancies and duplications.

To receive a tape, send a check for $110 or a purchase order  for
$150  to  cover MT XINU's costs to the address given above (Cali-
fornia orders add sales tax).  You MUST include with your order a
copy of the cover page, the serial number sheet and the signature
page of your AT&T source license  agreement.   You  MUST  specify
shipment to the institution or entity named as the source license
holder.  Please give us a street address, not a post office  box.
Orders  which  do  not  meet  these requirements will be returned

                    --IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS--

Material in this announcement and the  accompanying  reports  has
been  edited  and  organized  by MT XINU as a service to the UNIX
community on a non-profit, non-commercial basis.  MT  XINU  MAKES

MT XINU welcomes comments in writing about the contents of  these
reports  via  uucp  or  US mail.  MT XINU cannot, however, accept
telephone calls or enter into telephone conversations about  this

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

Note: The materials and information included in these Web pages are not to
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