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Subject: 4.2 csh signal related bug
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Date: Sat, 25-Feb-84 17:49:33 EST
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Posted: Sat Feb 25 17:49:33 1984
Date-Received: Sun, 26-Feb-84 05:11:00 EST
Organization: Sequent Computer Systems, Portland
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        I have on occasion run across what I believe to be a  bug
in  4.2  csh.  The  symptoms are that when you type a command and
hit return it starts up the program but  immediately  blurbs  out
some message about "Reset pgrp from # to #" and sends a Hangup to
the process.  Once this occurs you are  hosed  although  you  can
sometimes  get a few things to run (ie, you can type ls and 1 out
of 5 times it runs without the Reset message).

As near as I can tell, this behaviour occurs just  around  either
having  just typed ^Z or my interrupt character which leads me to
believe it may be a signal related problem.  Two  questions,  why 
does  this  only  happen to me (nobody else here has seen it) and
what is it?

	Phil Hochstetler
	Sequent Computer Systems

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