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Organization: Sequent Computer Systems, Portland
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   Sequent Computer Systems - Current Openings

   Sequent Computer Systems is made up of a talented and impressive
   team of individuals. We have set out to build a quality company
   that will become a leading supplier of advanced computer systems to
   technical OEMs.  We will do this by focusing our experience and
   talent on previously unsolved problems where we can add the most
   unique value. 

   Our financial backing comes from five venture capital firms who are
   the leaders in the investment community...we will live up to their

   We are looking for people who want to be a part of this team and
   share in the ownership of our company. If you are interested in
   taking on the hard work, the challenge and a piece of equity in our
   company, please contact me:

   Barbara Gaffney (503 626 5700)
   Sequent Computer Systems
   14360 NW Science Park Drive
   Portland, Or 97229

   Job Opportunities

   Unix Documentation Specialist
     We need someone who is knowledgeable in UNIX to help develop a
   UNIX user's package, and an OEM designer's reference manual.  This
   is a challenging position with excellent growth potential for
   someone interested in the civilization of UNIX as a product.
   Heavy writing experience is not required, but good knowledge of
   UNIX is required. 
   Software Technical Writer
     Responsibilities will include developing text for OEM designer's
   reference material.  This includes guides to writing device
   drivers, interfacing to internal busses, and similar operating
   system level topics.  Experience with operating system interface
   and device driver software, as well as good writing skills are
   required.  Knowledge of UNIX is preferred.

   Software Development Engineer - Diagnostics
    Will be responsible for designing, implementing and testing system
   level diagnostics.  Prior experience developing system level
   diagnostics using microprocessors is required. 

Send resume or mail or call:
Barbara Gaffney  (503 626 5700)
Sequent Computer Systems
14360 NW Science Park Drive
Portland, Or. 97229

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