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Subject: USENET site name change	[sequel --> sequent]
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Date: Wed, 12-Oct-83 18:08:15 EDT
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Posted: Wed Oct 12 18:08:15 1983
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Organization: Sequel Computer Systems, Portland
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        Sequel  Computer  Systems  in  Portland  is  changing its
company  name.   The  official  name  is  now  "Sequent" Computer

        Effective November 1, the uucp site named  "sequel"  will
become  "sequent"  and the old name will no longer be accepted by
our uucp neighbors.  Be sure to update your uucp maps.  The  name
change  was  necessary  due  to legal conflicts in using the name
"sequel".  :-)

	Phil Hochstetler (503) 627-9811
	Seque{l,nt} Computer Systems

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