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[note:  This is a repost of sequel.105;  I got several people claiming
	the article got squashed somewhere. Sorry if repeat.  -peh]

Name of site.			

		Sequel Computer Systems, Inc.
		uucp name: sequel
		Running VAX 11/750 with 4.1 bsd,
		3 Meg memory, TU77, 2 DH's, and
		a UDA50 with a RA80 and RA81.
What the site is all about.	

		A startup company committed to designing 
		technical OEM computer systems.

Name of contact person at site.
Electronic mail address of contact person.
U.S. Mail address of contact person.
Phone number of contact person.

		Phil Hochstetler 	
		Sequel Computer Systems, Inc.
		14360 Science Park Dr.
		Portland, Oregon  97229

		(503) 626-5700

		(teklabs!ogcvax!sequel!phil) or

Systems with whom news articles are exchanged.
(what kind of link, who the neighbor(s) are).

		News exchanged to ogcvax currently via uucp link.
		May add another link to get more newsgroups.
		(anybody not long distance willing???)

Systems with whom mail is exchanged.
(what kind of link, who the neighbor(s) are, what frequency
of connection, whether or not you'll pass outside mail along).

		Pur-ee, ogcvax, and unisoft are polled at 
		night.  ogcvax is also polled during the day.  
		Links are uucp at 1200 baud 
		(Ventel 212 plus modems). More sites
		will be added as needed.

Willingness (or lack thereof) to connect to new sites that
want to join usenet.  If you run uucp, tell if new sites can
call you, if you will poll them, what your policy is.
If on the arpanet, are you willing to forward news on to new
sites by establishing an arpanet usenet connection?

		If you wish to connect, please call me.

If you want to publish your uucp phone number, login, and password,
include that info.

		No dialup's yet.  Still waiting on phone lines.

			  SCO's Case Against IBM

November 12, 2003 - Jed Boal from Eyewitness News KSL 5 TV provides an
overview on SCO's case against IBM. Darl McBride, SCO's president and CEO,
talks about the lawsuit's impact and attacks. Jason Holt, student and 
Linux user, talks about the benefits of code availability and the merits 
of the SCO vs IBM lawsuit. See SCO vs IBM.

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