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Date: Sat Apr  2 07:19:48 1983
Subject: Career Opportunities at Sequel
Posted: Fri Apr  1 17:13:04 1983
Received: Sat Apr  2 07:19:48 1983

	Sequel Computer Systems is a newly formed company located in
Portland, Oregon. Incorporated on January 22,1983, we first opened our
doors on January 24th. We have just completed our operations plan and
have an immediate need for a number of people in a variety of technical
positions. We are on an aggressive development schedule and need people
who are highly motivated team players seeking the challenges and
rewards an aggressive young company offers. The following positions are
currently open:

	Senior Hardware Technical Writer-BSEE
	Senior Software Technical Writer-BSCS
	Senior Engineer, Architecture-MSCS, Unix kernel wiz
	Senior Engineer, S/W, Diagnostics Prjct Ldr-BS/MS CS/EE, exp bd lvl
	Senior Engineer, S/W, O.S.-BS/MS CS/EE, Unix sys III & V, 4.1 & 4.2 BSD
	Senior Engineer, S/W, Languages-BS/MS CS, compiler design exp
	Senior Engineer, H/W-MSEE 2-4yrs exp, CAD tool exp
	Engineer, S/W, O.S.-BS CS/EE, Unix & C exp
	Engineer, H/W-BSEE 2-4yrs exp
	Senior Tech, H/W- 2yr tech degree, 3-5yrs exp
	Senior Draftsman-2yr degree drafting tech, 4 yrs exp

Interested parties should forward their resumes and salary history to:

		attn: Casey Powell
		Sequel Computer Systems
		14360 NW Science Park Drive
		Portland, Oregon  97229

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