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Subject: SUN Workstation
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>From AVB@SU-AI Wed Jul 15 09:07:44 1981
   From: Minsky at MIT-AI
   Subject: SUN query

   Gee, where does one get a SUN and how much does it cost?


SUN Workstation Synopsis:

  Processor:         8 MHz 68000, executing without wait states.
  Memory Management: two-level, multi-process, segment-page memory map.
  Main Memory:       384 kBytes (128 kBytes reserved for frame buffer).
  Graphics:          1024 by 800 pixel display, high-speed "RasterOP".
  Network:           3 MBit/sec "experimental" Ethernet.
  Pointing Device:   optical "mouse".
  Backplane Bus:     Intel Multibus.
  Operating System:  Microsoft Xenix.
  OEM-Price:         under $10,000.

We are currently evaluating manufacturing arrangements for
SUN workstations.  Stanford University plans to get 25 SUN
workstations by the end of this year.  If you are interested
in participating in this pilot production run, please contact

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