Novell Introduces UnixWare(R) 2

New UNIX Operating System Is Ideal for Business-Critical and Database Applications, the Preferred Application Server For NetWare(R) Environments.

San Jose, CA -- Jan. 10, 1995 -- Novell, Inc. today announced pricing and availability of UnixWare 2, the ideal general purpose application platform for business-critical and database applications and the preferred application server for NetWare environments. The worldwide rollout of UnixWare 2 began in December 1994 when the product was delivered to OEM customers and application developers. UnixWare 2 in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish versions will be available through Novell's authorized UnixWare distributors beginning March 21, 1995.

UnixWare 2 is the next generation of UNIX System V Release 4 (SVR4) technology, a platform for popular commercial applications that has been evolving for more than 20 years. This new version is designed for customers seeking a powerful, cost-effective system for deploying business-critical and database applications across their enterprises. UnixWare 2 meets customer needs for high performance, scalability, NetWare integration, ease of use and administration, and broad applications support, in an application server platform designed for mission-critical systems.

"The installation process for UnixWare 2 is simple and greatly reduces the time and expertise required," said Michael Kraft, president of Kraft, Kennedy and Lesser, a New York-based consulting and system integrator firm specializing in the legal market. "The multiprocessing option makes it a very powerful product because it gives our clients greater performance and the ability to easily expand as their needs grow. And in the legal industry, the need for tight integration between NetWare and UnixWare makes this a very viable solution."

"UnixWare 2 gives businesses a level of performance and scalability on industry standard Intel platforms never before available in any general purpose operating system," said Mike DeFazio, executive vice president and general manager for Novell's UNIX Systems Group. "That power, coupled with simple installation and administration, rich connectivity to NetWare and UNIX networks, and support for thousands of existing applications, makes UnixWare the premier application and database server for business. Novell is delivering the industry's finest line-of-business application platform for truly pervasive computing in today's enterprises."

Pricing and Availability

UnixWare 2 Application Server is currently available to OEM customers, major accounts and developers. Full product line availability through Novell's authorized distributors for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language versions will begin March 21, 1995. Customers should contact their local Novell authorized reseller or call 1-800-638-9273 in the U.S. or 801-429-5588 outside the U.S.

The suggested retail price of UnixWare 2 products listed here apply to English, French, Italian, German and Spanish versions. Pricing remains consistent across all these international language versions. Some duty fees may apply.

          UnixWare 2 Products      Suggested Retail Price (in U.S. Dollars)
          UnixWare 2 Application   $1,695
          Server*                  CD-ROM, QIC-120 Tape
          UnixWare 2 Personal      $445
          Edition* (includes NFS)  CD-ROM, QIC-120 Tape
          UnixWare 2 Processor     $895 on diskette
          Upgrade (one upgrade per
          additional CPU)
          UnixWare 2 Online Data   $2,195
          Manager                  CD-ROM, diskette
          UnixWare 2 Server Merge  $395 diskette
          UnixWare 2 Encryption    $95 diskette
          Utilities (U.S. only)
          UnixWare 2 Software      $145 CD-ROM
          Development Kit          $195 QIC-120 Tape
          (includes C and C++)
         * Supports up to two

Novell is also announcing a UnixWare 2 worldwide upgrade promotion which allows customers who purchase UnixWare 1.1 between November 1, 1994 and March 31, 1995 to upgrade to UnixWare 2 for only US$99, at a savings of up to US$295. This enables customers to get started with single-processor configurations now and save when they upgrade to the multiprocessor-capable UnixWare 2 Application Server.

Novell Offers Aggressive Upgrade Program

Customers who have purchased any previous version of UnixWare Application Server prior to November 1, 1994 can upgrade to UnixWare 2 Application Server for US$399. Purchasers of UnixWare Personal Edition can upgrade to UnixWare 2 Personal Edition for US$199. In addition, customers who have any competitive UNIX OS product may also upgrade to UnixWare 2 for up to 75 percent off the list price.
     UnixWare 2 Upgrades      Any UnixWare   UnixWare 1.1
                              1.1 Customer   Purchased
              After 11/1/94
     UnixWare 2 Application   $399           $99
     Server                   CD-ROM or      CD-ROM or
                              QIC-120 Tape   QIC-120 Tape
     UnixWare 2 Personal      $199 CD-ROM    $99
     Edition                  $249 QIC-120   CD-ROM or
                              Tape           QIC-120 Tape
     UnixWare 2 Online Data   $649           $649
     Manager                  CD-ROM or      CD-ROM or
                              diskette       diskette
     UnixWare 2 Server Merge  $99 diskette   $99 diskette
     UnixWare 2 Encryption    $49 diskette   $49 diskette
     UnixWare 2 Software      $99 CD-ROM     $99 CD-ROM
     Development Kit          $149 QIC-120   $149 QIC-120
                              Tape           Tape

UnixWare 2: More Powerful, Easy to Use and Manage

UnixWare 2 builds upon the traditional strengths of its UNIX SVR4.2 base by including new functionality which makes it an even more attractive application platform. Information systems managers and end users alike benefit from:

Industry-Leading Performance and Scalability--Building on the success of UnixWare 1.1 in delivering outstanding price/performance using industry-standard benchmarks, UnixWare 2 includes advanced features that further enhance and increase the performance on larger SMP platforms. Its symmetric multiprocessing supports 2 Intel processors "out of the box," and scales up (through incremental processor upgrades) to support the largest industry-standard Intel- based SMP machines available today, providing the flexibility and power IS managers require on industry- standard hardware. UnixWare 2 is a fully multithreaded operating system, increasing performance on both single- and multiprocessor systems.

The Most Network-Ready UNIX Available--UnixWare 2 is the ideal application server in NetWare environments because it provides built-in connectivity to NetWare servers, including access to NetWare file directories, exchanging e- mail and sharing printers in either direction. The product also includes TCP/IP and NFS, making UnixWare 2 an ideal Internet server and application server in either or both networking environments.

Ease of Installation, Administration and Use--With its intuitive menus, UnixWare 2 can be installed quickly and easily without the need for extensive configuration. The autodetection facility further simplifies installation by identifying platform and peripheral hardware with minimal user interaction. System administration is made easy with graphical facilities for adding/removing users, installing applications, backing up, and scheduling tasks. Performance management facilities allow administrators to easily view system information, monitor performance and tune the system.

Cost-Competitive Advantages--UnixWare 2 performance and scalability, combined with support for a wide variety of industry standard multiprocessing platforms from major vendors, provides customers with a significant cost advantage. UnixWare 2's ease of installation, use and administration, and scalability across a broad span of hardware platforms, also dramatically reduce the cost of ownership over the life of the system.

UnixWare 2 provides a high level of system availability and data integrity through the integrated journaling file system, which allows the system to easily recover from power failure without delay or significant loss of data. It is further enhanced by the optional UnixWare 2 Online Data Manager which offers mirroring, striping, and on-line backups. UnixWare 2 is a highly reliable platform for mission-critical computing, which means customers can deploy UnixWare 2 throughout their enterprise with confidence. UnixWare is also very secure, supporting C2 auditing, role-based administration and Access Control Lists (ACLs), among other security features.

UnixWare 2 Gains Industry Support

UnixWare 2 supports more than 3,000 existing applications and maintains compatibility with SVR4, SCO UNIX and Intel ABI applications. UnixWare 2 provides an opportunity for application providers to offer a single version of their software which can span the entire enterprise from low-end to very large MIS server systems.

More than 1,000 independent software vendors have committed to support UnixWare 2, providing IS managers with thousands of leading-edge business solutions. Novell also has established relationships with leading hardware vendors to deliver high performance SMP platforms ready to run UnixWare, including those built to the Intel MP Spec 1.1. This new version will make it possible for companies to deploy powerful, fast UNIX-based applications for a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems.

Jim Watts, UNIX Business Manager for SAS Institute, a strategic UnixWare developer partner, said, "Novell, with the release of UnixWare 2, has combined the heritage of SVR4 and the power of SMP to create an ideal environment for the SAS System's enterprise-wide suite of business analysis software."

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