WordPerfect Corporation Announces WordPerfect 6.0 For UNIX

WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX extends WordPerfect's cross-platform solution

SAN FRANCISCO - March 23,1994 - WordPerfect Corporation today announced WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX, a native UNIX version of its best-selling word processor. The product is scheduled to ship in May 1994 for the SunOS and Solaris 2 platforms.

WordPerfect Corporation is the only software vendor to offer a cross-platform document processing solution with WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows, DOS and UNIX. Organizations using UNIX can standardize on one word processor and have greater file and macro compatibility across platforms.

"We have used a great deal of core code in WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX in order to bring the product out less than a year after the DOS and Windows versions," said Mark Calkins, vice president of product marketing at WordPerfect Corporation. "This furthers our corporate mission of helping the world communicate with cross-platform computing solutions."

WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX offers a comprehensive set of tools to easily and automatically create any kind of document. The 32-bit architecture of UNIX makes WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX a powerful document processor in the multi-tasking and multi-user environment.

"Document processing is the next evolutionary step for word processing and allows the user to manipulate text, data and graphics in one application," said Brent McKinley, director of WordPerfect UNIX product marketing. "A document processor gives all types of UNIX users, from lawyers to engineers, the ability to use one cross-platform application that is both powerful enough to meet everyone's needs and easy to use."

New Features

Customizable Interface. WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX lets users personalize their interface by customizing the Button Bar, Power Bar, Ruler Bar, status bar and keyboards.

Professional-looking documents are quick and easy to create with ExpressDocs. More than 70 templates are available for fax forms, memos, invoices, newsletters, expense reports and other common documents.

Tables, Drawing, Charting.
The Tables feature contains advanced spreadsheet capabilities such as formulas, numerical cell formatting, automatic recalculation, data fills and named ranges. WordPerfect Draw is a sophisticated drawing and charting package with a robust set of drawing tools and charting options to create 3-D line, area, hi-lo, pie and exploded pie charts. Charts can also be created directly from spreadsheet data with the click of a button.

Document Management.
Complete document management capabilities are available from the File Open dialog box to quickly copy, move, rename, delete and change attributes of files. The QuickList lets users give a descriptive name to any directory or group of files, and the QuickFinder offers the fastest indexing and text retrieval in the industry.

WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX includes Grammatik 5 to check documents for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors and style flaws.

Graphics and Borders.
Graphics editing tools allow the user to move, rotate and size an image within a box, wrap text on both sides of the image and contour text around irregularly shaped objects. A wide variety of borders and fill patterns can be used for paragraphs, pages, columns, table cells and graphic images.

Pricing and Availability
WordPerfect Corporation was the first company in the industry to offer a consistent pricing across all platforms for its word processing software3/4a suggested retail price of $495. The company was also first to ship both the character-based and the graphical user interface-based version of its UNIX product in the same box, increasing the ease of purchasing, installing and licensing the product for MIS directors and system administrators.

Although pricing has not been finalized, company officials expect to see prices consistent with past releases. System requirements vary with each UNIX platform, and will be available at the time of release.

By the end of 1994, WordPerfect 6.0 will be available in both character and GUI versions in a single package on all major UNIX platforms including SCO UNIX, SVR4 Intel (UnixWare, NCR 3000), IBM RS/6000, HP 9000 700/800 and MIPS ABI (Seimens, Nixdorf, SGI).

International versions of WordPerfect 6.0 for UNIX are also planned for each of the seven supported UNIX platforms, and will be available by the end of 1994.